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First off--had a couple of requests to talk about saving the show Chuck: library_of_sex says, "There's the usual letter-writing campaign and voting at E!Online's Save One Show, but there's also the Finale and Footlong, involving Subway, a big sponsor of the show," and foresthouse has more ideas here.

Oh, by the way: super cute charm necklaces. I have the Love Letter (wearing it right now, actually) and the Chat Noir.


Twitter Meets Mass Hysteria [Amazonfail]. Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher, CNN racing on Twitter.

Novelist Margaret Drabble Stops Writing.

Your favorite stars read from Harlequin romance novels.

Pin-Up Girls Tame Outer Space, Ride Godzilla (Maybe NSFW) [Spring Mating Season].

10 Unsinkable Science Fiction Stories About The Titanic.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Dollhouse And Terminator Really Not Canceled Yet, Say Insiders.

'Britain's Got Talent' star grabs A-list attention.

Funnyman Colbert gets less lofty namesake; Colbert has space treadmill named after him.

Bryan Fuller teases Pushing Daisies' last eps—and comic series!

Quentin Tarantino Guest Directs On 'American Idol'; 'American Idol': What did you think of 'Unrelenting Pablum' Night?

Pearl Jam Taps Cameron Crowe For Documentary Feature.

Images: Exclusive: 'More Than A Game' Poster Premiere.

Trailers and clips: Domestic Trailer for Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘The Hurt Locker’; First Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's 'The Girlfriend Experience'; The Entire Inglourious Basterds AI Clip!, The 'Inglourious Basterds' Clip That Was Too Hot for TV; 'Angels & Demons' Exclusive Clip; Robert Downey Jr.: 3 'Soloist' clips; Watch This: Disney Re-Uses Their Animation. As I said on Twitter, all I really got out of this was that I need to go watch Robin Hood again. Break it on down, Maid Marian!

Wolverine publicity tour: On "El Hormiguero" at the Spanish TV station "La Cuatro"; Hugh Jackman is a Mad Scientist; Hugh Jackman: Check Out The Big Brain On Set! Also: Deadpool Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Says Solo Spin-Off From ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Likely; Donner Hoping for X-Men: First Class Franchise, ‘X-Men: First Class’ To Feature Young Cyclops, Beast & Jean Grey, Says ‘Wolverine’ Producer, Is X-Men: First Class a Reboot?

Review: Meet Star Trek's time-traveling villain in the comic-book prequel 'Countdown.'

Zac Efron, Jonas Brothers, Adam Lambert Sizzle At ‘17 Again’ Premiere: Red Carpet Recap; Efron would change a few things if he were '17 Again'; 17 Again dodges creepiness with Michelle Trachtenberg. Related: EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron Says ‘Full Metal Panic!’ Manga Adaptation ‘Likely Not Going To Happen’; Why did NBC yank Zac Efron's foot-fetish "SNL" clip?

EXCLUSIVE: McG Talks ‘Terminator’ Sequel Plans, Wide-Open Ending for ‘Salvation’; New 'Terminators' Trailer! Yes, with an 'S.'

Meanwhile, EXCL: John Connor Versus Freddy Krueger: Thomas Dekker may join 'Nightmare on Elm Street.'

Spielberg Says Transformers 2 is Michael Bay's Best Movie?

The Sun Previews New Half-Blood Prince Trailer?; Emma Watson on upskirt photos: 'I felt completely violated.'

Emily Blunt ('Young Victoria,' 'The Wolfman') Movieline Interview, in which she also mentions papparazzi upskirting, coincidentally ("When the fuck did I turn into the crotch girl?"). Speaking of wolfmen, Wanted: Wolfman to holler at tourists on a New Hampshire steam train.

RIFFTRAX IS DOING TWILIGHT; Twilight parties, Rifftrax edition; Summit Announces Remainder of New Moon Cast; EXCLUSIVE: Is Bella’s Dad Being Cut Out of ‘Twilight’ Sequel? We’ve Got the Scoop! (Short answer: he's still in it); Drew Barrymore Denies She’s Directing ‘Twilight’ Threequel; Did Someone Say Moar Jacksper? New Twilight Cast Photos and New Moon Rumors; 'Twilight': Werewolf hunk Alex Meraz talks about making 'New Moon.'

(Related: Cam Gigandet and Leighton Meester Mix It Up in ‘The Roommate.’)

(Fandom related: 'Russet Noon' lady still crazy, grasping at straws: "Writers and readers all over the net have opened their eyes to the truth: authors sell their fanfiction and get away with it." Except for the part where they don't. They totally, totally don't. And they're all outside your house right now, with torches and pitchforks, trying to get you to stop ruining it for everyone else.)

'Never Let Me Go' Begins Principal Photography; Charlotte Rampling and Sally Hawkins join 'Never Let Me Go.' I am getting really excited about this, to be honest. And I haven't even read the book yet.

EXCLUSIVE: Eli Roth Reveals Plans to Shoot ‘Transformers’-Like Blockbuster, ‘Thanksgiving’ Slasher Back-To-Back.

Bruno Dupes Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Cast of 'Nanny McPhee' sequel fills out.

Roger Corman's Little Shop of Horrors Being Remade Again; Little Shop Of Horrors Optioned, Doo-Wop Girls Need Not Apply.

Why Joss Whedon says Cabin in the Woods is 'out of control'; Joss & Co. reveal plans for a Dr. Horrible sequel: Maybe a movie?

John McTiernan's comeback: A Karl Rove conspiracy documentary? Really?

Michelle Pfeiffer goes straight to DVD. Again.

Captured By The Bird People! [Found Footage].

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