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Midday doll post

... because I feel like it.

Okay, folks asked for a size reference picture of all the dolls, so I crammed them all onto The Shelf proper (this is why they are frequently "interacting" with each other on the file cabinet, the printer table, or other shelves). The Galadriel Barbie and the My Little Pony are there for reference, as I feel like most people will have a decent idea of the size of at least one of those. So: with and without flash (kind of a weird curved fish-eye effect going on, not sure what's up with that):

The two Ellowynes (16") are supposed to be young teenagers, which is why their heads are proportionally bigger. I mean, I guess that's why?

The Edward, Serafina, Lyra and Elizabeth are all supposed to be the same scale/proportion--adult movie characters with Lyra as a child (twelve years old). (Wow, I thought Serafina was a lot taller than that. Must be because I had her on the stand.) The girls are all supposed to be 16", give or take a fraction, whereas Edward's listed at 17", although whether that is before or after Hair, I don't know. I mean, that's an 18" shelf, I'd guess, and we've just barely got clearance up top there. (Curiously, Tonner's Bella is listed as 15", making her shorter than their standard female doll and significantly shorter than Edward. To facilitate his possessive creepitude, I guess.) These are all made by Tonner (Ellowyne Wilde is a spinoff, I think).

(I did comb out The Hair, but it's mostly the same shape.)

As a side note--I don't have Queen Susan yet, but the Tonner site lists her as 17". That's right--she's as tall as Edward (and so is Edmund), who is distinctly taller than the Tonner girls. Peter? Nineteen inches. Lucy? Thirteen inches, which would make her taller than Lyra, even though she's supposed to be, like--what, eight years old? And snacky confirmed for me a while back that the Pevensies are bigger than your average Tonner movie character doll, although I'm not sure why.

Second row (roughly): White Arwen, Fugagorn (The Fug of Men), Purple Arwen, Helm's Deep Aragorn, the Galadriel Barbie, Eowyn, the two Faramirs slightly behind her, Galadriel, and Anna (with Lyra's daemon Pan on top of Iorek the Webkinz). These are all supposed to be 12", give or take (Purple Arwen is a good bit shorter than Eowyn despite 1) being made by the same company and 2) being AN ELF, WTF). Anna and the Faramirs are made by Sideshow Toy; the others are Toy Biz (yes, even both the Aragorns, despite one of them being much shorter than the other, and an action figure rather than a fabric-dressed doll).

The Littlest Edward (yeah... now you see where he got his name) is supposed to be 6", maybe 7"; I didn't get out the ruler or whatever. He's from NECA; he may be taller so that a 6" Bella and Alice would look distinctly shorter next to him. That, or the extra height is Hair. It could go either way. Maybe both.

And yeah, TLE is a full ten inches shorter than New Edward. You can see how this might get interesting.

Meanwhile, I am trying to be fiscally responsible and not bid on doll clothes, so I will simply link you to them so at least someone around here might enjoy them:

TONNER ELLOWYNE WILDE VINTAGE STYLE 70'S FASHION DRESS. Super, SUPER cute. It's an official outfit--actually, it's the outfit without the doll.

Re-Imagination Vasilisa Doll Outfit Only Tonner. Here's what it looks like on the doll (basically, Red Riding Hood). Should fit a number of Tonner makes.

Re-Imagination Alyce Doll OUTFIT ONLY Tonner Tyler. Again, here's what it looks like on the doll; should also fit a number of Tonner makes (Tyler Wentworth being their primary fashion doll line).

TONNER ELIZABETH SWANN-COURT GOWN*** OUTFIT ONLY**** This is the yellow dress (supposedly the gold dress in the first movie), not the wedding dress.

Tonner Matt O'Neill Collection ECRU LONG SLEEVED SHIRT. Perfect for reenacting The Sparkle Scene with your Tonner Edward. And what is "ecru" another word for? Beige, of course.

The dolls I let get away:

TONNER WHITE WITCH NARNIA 2007 TONNER CONVENTION. SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS I THINKING. Well, I was thinking "I don't have $200," that was the first thing I was thinking.

Franklin Heirloom Bisque Queen Galadriel Doll. I am KICKING MYSELF over this. It sold for LESS THAN TWENTY DOLLARS, WTF. Usually they go for a few hundred. I mean, I would have kept it off-story, but--you know me and my Galadriel fixation. KICKING. MYSELF.

And now, off to forage for lunch, since it's almost 3 pm and I seem to have neglected to eat.

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