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A very quick linkspam, because I feel like it, but short because I have a headache:

Cult author JG Ballard dead at 78; 'Empire of the Sun' author J.G. Ballard dies.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Two Minutes Of Elijah Wood’s Post-Apocalyptic Ragdoll Fest ‘9’! I saw the trailer in front of Watchmen and it was amazing, by the way.

Lost's Michael Emerson Is Just As Creepy/Sweet In Real Life.

Set pics from Bella's birthday party in New Moon (this is where Jasper decides that Bella's flavor is too outrageous to be denied). So keep this in mind when you see the "AP article" about how post-production was "shut down" because Stephenie Meyer was accused of plagiarism. Excuse me, "plagerism." Yes, it's an admitted hoax, although Summit Entertainment also told the Twilight Lexicon officially that it's not true. Hoax more better next time, guys.

Plastic and Plush reviews the Tonner Dumbledore.

Total Recall: The Woman Who Can't Forget.

Man shoots wife in head and himself; he dies, she made tea and greeted deputy.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Secret Life of Dolls has now hit Fandom Secret. Bless.

(I don't know where "three possible candidates" came from, though. Which three are they supposed to be?)

(I'm working on the next one, but... yeah. Headache.)

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