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<---- New Secret Life of Dolls thataway.

(Okay, twelve hours later, and I am still GLEEFULLY proud that I scored something rare-ish on eBay for half the usual price. Number of dolls I am keeping secret from you guys: back up to 2.)

New York Times wins five Pulitzer Prizes; What It Looks Like to Win a Pulitzer; Why Pulitzer Prizes Don't Matter [Print Is Dead] (short version: one of the winners doesn't even have a job now). Related: New York Times Torture Story Is Recycled From Blogs; Save Your Newspaper: Don't Let Anyone Cancel.

Stephen Hawking Gravely Ill at Cambridge Hospital.

Despite tentative SAG deal, some actors upset.

John McTiernan Faces Federal Charges; Director John McTiernan Indicted for Perjury and Lying to the FBI.

India probes dispute over ‘Slumdog’ child star; With Child-Selling Tale, Slumdog Has Officially Gone from Heart-Warming to Gut-Wrenching.

Pirate Bay File Sharing Pioneers Sentenced to Jail and Damages.

The Cause of and Solution To Piracy: Women.

New Dean Koontz Novel Proves Book Critics Are Evil.

Pride And Prejudice: The Comic Book.

XKCD: The book; XKCD's Rebel Book Deal.

BMW whips Audi in impromptu chess game. 2003-2009.

Michael Emerson talks about Lost's season finale.

Box Office Report: '17 Again' handily wins the weekend; Tweens Take Zac Efron To #1 Friday While Russell Crowe's 'State Of Play' Underperforms At #2; Weekend Box Office: Zac Efron Continues Reign of Terror.

Images: First look: New Robin Hood on point with 'Gladiator'; New images from 'The Time Traveler's Wife'; First Look: Saoirse Ronan in Peter Jackson's 'Lovely Bones' (First look: Murderous 'Lovely Bones' is also 'curiously optimistic'); New 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' Set Photos; First Look at Kristen Bell in 'When in Rome'; Jennifer Aniston Suits Up for 'The Baster'; 'Zombieland' Invades Hollywood, Leaves Behind Destruction.

Trailers and clips: New 'Transformers 2' Clip: Megan Fox Strips and More!; Check out the New 'Trick 'R Treat' Trailer!; Watch This: David Lynch Video for Moby's 'Shot In The Back Of The Head'; Blueberries For All [Children's Books]; 'Dark Knight'-inspired short film 'Carousel' -- who needs the Joker when you've got evil clowns?

New ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Character Profile Video Claws Its Way To The Web; @RealHughJackman: "Congratulations Tempe Arizona! We will have the Wolverine World Premiere in your town. See you on April 27."

Take a look at Star Trek's ice monster if you dare; The J.J. Abrams' Edited Issue of Wired is Out This Week!; Star Trek Aims Younger, Sells Out.

Camping with Harry and Hermione in Scotland for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (but where is the Beaded Bag of Holding, I ask you?); Location Filming Currently Underway in London for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Emma Watson to Film for Deathly Hallows Over Christmas, Next March; New 'action banners' for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Robert Downey Jr. Says ‘Iron Man 2’ Tells Story Of ‘How A Dysfunctional Family Saves Life On Earth.’

Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn' already in the works? Sweet God, I cannot fathom this at all. I know they keep saying they're going to do it, but I just cannot imagine the vampire teeth c-section and the newborn soulmate imprinting and the grand Care Bear Stare finale and what-all happening. At all. Meanwhile: Entertainment Tonight New Moon Preview Number 2; Alexandre Desplat doing the score this time; Jamie Campbell Bower Tweeting Away. Buried in this story is the far more important fact that Michael Sheen, who is awesome, has a Twitter as well. And in case you missed it yesterday: Stephenie Meyer Lawsuit Story is bogus. (Dude, I saw the thread where the original poster was like, "Yeah, it's fake, but you'll play along if you have any sense of fun.") Unfortunately, IMDB picked up the story anyway.

Five Million Copies of New Dan Brown Book Coming in September; Dan Brown Writing Another Novel Called 'The Lost Symbol'; ‘Angels and Demons’ Will Have a Follow-Up Film, ‘The Lost Symbol.’ I don't know, it sounds kind of generic. "The lost... symbol... whatever... thing. Hey, look over there! The church is evil!"

Oscar Fave Henson Promises Movie With Lil’ Wayne, Bow Wow Will Be a Slam Dunk.

No ‘Thor’ For Alexander Skarsgard?

Chris Evans To Join ‘The Losers’ Cast?

Kidman Bidding For Asylum Novel Film Rights.

‘Lions, Tigers And Bears’ Adaptation Picked Up By ‘Transformers’ Producer.

Demetri Martin Joins the Cast of Steven Soderbergh's 'Moneyball.'

EXCLUSIVE: Fox Atomic Shutting Down; Fox Atomic Shutting Down; Good News for 28 Months Later?

The State is Actually, For Real, No Kidding, Being Released on DVD.

Why the writer calls Orphan 'Hannibal Lecter with pigtails.' That's a mental image I could have lived without.

Lussier: No 'Bloody Valentine' Sequel.

Jessica Biel's latest film going straight-to-dvd. Actually, I think you can already see the naked parts on ONTD somewhere.

So what do the original Hellraiser stars think about a remake?

French Stage Funeral Service For Dragonball's Goku.

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