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By "later" I meant "tomorrow"

So... I ended up going to bed really early last night with a headful of snerf. Also, yesterday was apparently Everybody Being Bitches Day, and I was tired. Thus, you get a late yesterday/early today linkspam now.

Correction: Abdullah/Windfola was not an Arabian; he was a Trakehner, and a rather famous one at that.

Also, thank y'all for all the Findy Thoughts, because after my failed expedition to the farthest reaches of the attic, I went back to my closet and found The Thing I Need In Order to Write the Next Installment. It's going to be epic, I think.

Hawking set to recover from chest infection.

Darfur crisis inspires Mia Farrow hunger strike.

Vladimir Nabokov's Notecard Novel.

Best Coachella Pics!; Coachella '09: EW photo album.

NYT Columnist David Pogue to Publish Twitter Book; Chris Cornell throws down on Twitter.

The Narcissism Epidemic Article Epidemic Is Getting Annoying.

Celebrity Terror Watch: Rupert Everett's Maybe-Surgery.

Beyonce: ‘Today Show’ Board Feed Scandal. ETA: And it's a hoax.

'True Blood' season 2 preview clip: Vampy; Update: True Blood Season 2 Photo Gallery.

'Lost': Untangling the mystery of viral video sensation 'What's in the Box?' Reminder: No new episode tonight.

NBC Dethrones 'Kings' By Banishing It To Summer.

Stargate Universe's Ming-Na will play franchise's first openly gay member.

EXCLUSIVE: Writing ‘Buffy’ Comics Was ‘A Rude Awakening,’ Says James Marsters; Dark Horse Responds To ‘Buffy’ Actor James Marsters’ Comics Comments.

Warner Bros. Launches HD-DVD-To-Blu-Ray Trade-In Program.

Green Porno Returns!!; Isabella Rossellini Dressing Up as Animals and Humping Again.

Images: First Official Photo from Martin Scorsese's 'Shutter Island'; One 'Kick-Ass' Hit Girl; Five More Photos from 'Blood: The Last Vampire'; Johnathon Schaech's Half-Naked Comeback.

Trailers and clips: 8 Clips From Angels & Demons ('Angels & Demons' + Catholic League = $$$$$); 'Paper Heart' Trailer: Fine, You Charmed Me; 'Year One' trailer sparks the Jakal vs. Jackal dance-off; Hell Is Filled With Chapped Bald Men, And Amy Smart, In 'Seventh Moon' Trailer; 'Downloading Nancy' Trailer: She's Being Sucked Into the Cyberverse!; 'Baby on Board' trailer; Stan Helsing Trailer Stakes the Funny Bone; Henson's 11.

trailer_spot: Watchmen - Special Effects Reels, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Paper Heart, Shorts.

Angelina Jolie to Star in Patricia Cornwell Franchise. Buh?

Third Full X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer; It’s Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth In New ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Clip; Did Tom Rothman Lie About the Wolverine Leak's Running Time?; 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Gets Sharp With Merchandising; Is Wolverine's Emma Frost More Disappointing Than Gambit's Ridiculous Hats? Meanwhile: Magneto prequel still possible, depending on Wolverine; Shuler Donner on Magneto, Constantine 2.

IT'S THE BEADED BAG OF HOLDING, YOU GUYS!! (you did not do a very good job of matching your dress to the BBOH, Herms) (I want one so bad, you guys. That was pretty much my favorite thing in the entire book); Harry Potter Brings London To A Standstill; (Updated Now with Video) Photos of Location Filming in London for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Apparate! TLC Location Report, Photos from Day Two of London Filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Shell Cottage Scenes to be Filmed on Location in Wales Begining May 11th; Dan Radcliffe Says Split of Movies for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a "Tense Cliffhanger"; Preview of a Scene with the Smelly Sneaky Thief Named Mundungus Fletcher in Deathly Hallows; Michael Goldenberg to Keynote at LeakyCon 2009.

First look: 'Wolf pack' actors grin and bare it for 'New Moon,' Wanted: Birth and brawn, It's the Wolf Pack! (Apparently Some Sort of Shorts-Wearing 'Twilight' Werewolf Frat). I thought it was fantastic, by the way, that @michaelsheen and I ended up both posting the same USAToday link about the new werewolves. You know, me, some random blogger chick on the internet, and him... the guy in the movie. Meanwhile: 'Twilight': Will 'Hard Candy' helmer David Slade direct 'Eclipse'?; Stephenie Meyer Updates Her Website Regarding Alleged Lawsuit; Melissa Rosenberg Signs Twilight Scripts & Straightens the Breaking Dawn Rumors; 10 New Moon Scenes That Shouldn’t Be Cut.

Related: Jackson Rathbone in Nylon (with Sokka hair); 'How to Be': Twilight-Free Robert Pattinson Film Set for Coolidge Corner Screening; Robert Pattinson As Morbius? Spidey Comics Editor Makes His ‘Spider-Man 4’ Picks. Gratuitous Twilight headline ahoy!

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine Burns Rubber In New ‘Star Trek’ Photo; Check These Out: Panoramic Photos of the USS Enterprise; An Early Star Trek Rave; J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery.

Wait... What?! Christian Bale and David O. Russell Join 'The Fighter'! You guys, the in-fighting is going to be epic.

Sony Launches Terminator Salvation Twitter Viral Game; Arnie Still Says He Might Be In Terminator Salvation... But Not Really.

Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man 2’ Twitter Update: Stunt Work For Happy Hogan?

EXCLUSIVE: Michel Gondry Plans To Link ‘Green Hornet’ And ‘Lone Ranger’ Worlds.

Peter Parker's New Direction; EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Bill Hader & Seth Meyers Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Do Spider-Man.

'Earth' takes viewers on 'breathtaking' journey; Disney's 'Earth' treads familiar but important ground.

Blu-ray Review: Frost/Nixon; Blu-ray Review: The Wrestler; Blu-ray Review: The Wages of Fear (Criterion Collection); Blu-ray Review: Sin City: Unrated, Recut, and Extended.

Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam reads for Thor.

Foxx, Downey Jr. and Keener on 'The Soloist.'

What we saw on the set of 'Land of the Lost' (hint: Sleestaks).

Tom Cruise Hasn't Met a Script He Hasn't Asked to Be Rewritten [Trade Roundup].

British Cast Lined Up for 'Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.'

Marcus Nispel to Direct 'Pacemaker.'

Dark Castle Adapting Alien Graphic Novel 'The Nye Incidents'; Todd Lincoln Directing 'The Nye Incidents.'

Zack Snyder Adds Jena Malone and Jamie Chung to 'Sucker Punch.'

Eliza Dushku Plans Mapplethorpe Biopic.

Details on the 'Pretty in Pink,' 'Clueless,' and 'Mean Girls' Games.

The 10 Most Visually Stunning Movies of the Last 10 Years.

Marlon Wayans in 'Living Biblically.'

Adam Scott joins Elisabeth Shue in 'Piranha' remake.

The Psychic Penis Aliens Are Squirming in Your Tub [Found Footage].

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