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Not better. Not dying, but not better. Nor is my internet, because I couldn't bring myself to call Charter--half afraid I'd have to hang up and flee mid-call. Mostly just trying to hydrate at this point. Really, really want a Coke for some reason. There is no Coke. Woe.

(I love how everyone's blaming the sparkle candy. Worst endorsement ever.)

(I fully expect all hell to break loose somewhere--some news story, some message board drama, some Fandom Wank entry, something--just because I'm not around to see it. Like the time a girl in my class totally fainted during an oral book report, just keeled right over onto the floor before anyone could catch her, the one day I missed that semester. Everybody stay cool until I get back! Don't let your knees lock up, this is key!)

ETA: By the way, I was rec'd yet another fake Michael Sheen on Twitter (why are there so many?), as linked the other day. This one seems to be the real one. (It's Neil-approved!) The next one to be proven fake may face terrible, barfy consequences.

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