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I don't see anything on my calendar...

Okay, can someone in the Homewood area (nearish to Samford University) tell me what the hell was going on today? There was loud music all afternoon/evening a couple of streets over from me, and then at 10 pm, just now, there was ten minutes of giant, downtown Birmingham, Fourth of July-quality fireworks. Seriously, I watched them from my kitchen window, the big one that's in all the pictures I take--they couldn't have been more than a street or two away. Shelby nearly keeled over, she was so scared--and right after, when Mom took her outside one last time before bed, she (Mom) reported hearing police sirens and fire trucks on the way.

"I bet the fireworks scared someone so bad they had a heart attack," she said indignantly. "Why else would there be fire trucks?"

"Uh, because the fireworks STARTED A FIRE?"

"... Whatever."

ETA: Well, this explains both the music and the fireworks.

The Stadium Fest family-oriented outreach event presented by Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association will be held today from noon to 9:30 p.m. in Seibert Stadium at Samford University.

Well, they reached my dog. And nearly gave her a coronary. I do wonder what the police and fire trucks were for though now. There really is a no-noise-after-10-pm ordinance, and it looks like their 9:20 fireworks show started really late, so... I hope my neighbors called the cops on Samford. I would never stop laughing.

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