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In which I bring you a Cascade o' Remakes

A few things:

I think I gave the wrong impression when I talked about my closet the other day--it's not Confessions of a Shopaholic up in there; it's filled with fifteen (or more) years of cheap junk. The "purses and handbags" are, like, $20 woven satchels or totes from a couple of local places, not $1500 Prada bags or something. And I have a habit of stashing away old odds and ends--the scarf nobody wanted, the ribbons from opened gifts or old dresses, the old green vase cluttering up the kitchen counter, the beads from the necklace that broke--and so most of the accumulated stuff didn't even cost me anything. And many of the "boxes of clippings" are shoeboxes, not gigantic crates or anything. The list was more of an exercise in "Wow, when you put it in words like that, I really do have a lot of ancient and pointless crap I could stand to get rid of," not "Look at my decadent materialism!"

However, if you were interested in the historical costume coloring books, they are from Bellerophon Books and roughly $5 each.

Re: Yesterday's Secret Life: The rocking chair (sitting unheralded in the back of one of the pictures) was one of the smaller reader gift/mail items that I've been holding onto until I can work them in. Also, I don't know why Anna's arm kind of looks jaundiced in the picture. Also-also: two icons!

(I TOLD YOU GUYS The Littlest Edward was tiny, didn't I?)

Catchup linkspam!

Bea Arthur, ‘Golden Girls’ Star, Dies at 86; Well Played, Your Whole Life: Bea Arthur; Bea Arthur's Top 5 Contributions To Pop Culture [RIP]; Rue McClanahan remembers Bea Arthur; Clip du jour: Bea Arthur sings with Rock Hudson; Bea Arthur Shot First (A Tribute).

N.Y. flyby called 'felony stupidity'; Why Louis Caldera Should Be Fired, or, a Cloverfield-esque eyewitness video of NYers (not unreasonably) freaking out as a plane tailed by fighter jets appears to head straight for the skyscrapers.

Five Ways the Swine Flu Story Is Dumb [Aporkalypse Now].

Conficker virus begins to attack PCs.

Prince reveals his struggle with epilepsy.

Breaking:, Inc. Acquires Stanza Digital Reader App; Is Amazon Preparing for Apple's Next Move?

Is your Facebook 'charity work' doing any good?

What Should Writers Blog About? I feel like the short answer to this is "What they love," because their enthusiasm will attract others, and people who also love those things will find them. It doesn't have to be all Deep Thinky Writer Thoughts or anything.

‘Lost’ actor faces sexual harrassment claim. DESMOND!

Dolph Lundgren's wife tied up by robbers... realize who hubby is, and leave.

Gilliam’s ‘Imaginarium’ Confirmed for Cannes, Tarantino’s ‘Basterds’ May be Late.

Director praises grieving Neeson's professionalism.

Images: 'The Lovely Bones' test screening and first pictures; Pictures from the Upcoming movie 'Angels & Demons' (aw, hell, Ewan McGregor? I'm gonna have to see this now); New Poster from ‘The Hurt Locker’ and 6 Explosive New Stills; Hi-Res Pics from Von Trier's 'Antichrist'; First Look: Megan Fox Hooks It Up in 'Jonah Hex', Megan Fox in a Corset = Win; The Boat Pics That Rocked; Keira Knightley on the 'Never Let Me Go' Set; New stills from 'The Ugly Truth' (mostly with Gerard Butler); First On-Set Photo from John Wells' 'The Company Men' (related: Maria Bello and Craig T. Nelson are the Latest to Join ‘Company Men’); One Kinky Poster for Lynn Shelton's 'Humpday'; 'Partly Cloudy' Shots: What, You Didn't Know Baby Delivery Storks and Cloud Men Hung Out?; New ‘Surrogates’ Poster Hits The ‘Net; One Very Flowery Poster for Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno'!; Poster Premiere: Life is Hot in Cracktown; Exclusive: 'The Hangover' Poster Premiere!

Trailers and clips: New Terminator, Star Trek, Wolverine and Museum TV Spots!; Creepy Trailer for Christian Alvart's Horror 'Case 39' (related: Renee Zellweger's long-delayed 'Case 39' surfaces: Is she still a major star?); Must Watch: Official Trailer for Max Mayer's 'Adam'; EXCLUSIVE: Watch The Brand New Trailer For Alexis Bledel’s ‘Post Grad’; Check Out the Trailer for Jennifer Lynch’s ‘Hisss’; EXCLUSIVE: First 10 Minutes Of ‘Death Note: L, Change The World’ Live-Action Adaptation; Watch This: Kate Hudson's 'Cutlass'; First Behind The Scenes Look At Melancholy Biopunk Series 'Chadam'; Kevin Smith explains what happened to his Superman movie.

trailer_spot: Pope Joan, Taking Woodstock, Adam, G-Force, Antichrist.

Swine Flu Outbreak To Affect ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Premiere In Mexico; Swine flu could poison X-Men Origins: Wolverine box office; BREAKING NEWS: Wolverine is such a sexy beast; Deadpool's Fate Revealed — After You Find Out Who Did The Catering; ‘Wolverine’ Star Taylor Kitsch Says ‘Gambit’ Solo Movie Should Return To The Thieves Guild.

Review: J.J. Abrams brings the fun back to Star Trek; J.J. Abrams Tells Us Why Star Trek Has So Many Lens Flares; A couple of things that got cut from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek; Why Abrams' Star Trek Brought The Original Vulcan To Tears; J.J. Abrams Lists His 5 Favorite Films for Rotten Tomatoes; The Star Trek Tie-In JJ Abrams Didn't Want To See; Trek Writer Explains How TNG Staff Boldly Went Insane.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Art Of Terminator Salvation’ Preview Brings Robots Up Close And Personal; Terminator Embraces The iPhone/Twitter Technology That Will Enslave Us All.

A Few New 'Avatar' Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Empire; Why Avatar Is The New Star Wars, And Who'll Gain From It. Because we have so many Airbender fans around here, I'm tempted to refer to this movie as 'Cameron!Avatar' from now on.

'Dawn Treader' Launching Pre-Production on the Gold Coast.

USA TODAY: Burrow Attack Scene in Half-Blood Prince a Standout Scene; Deathly Hallows Cast Watch: John Hurts Talks Ollivander, Legano Returns as Greyback More; Matt Lewis to Film Scenes for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in October; Actor Dan Radcliffe Nominated for Drama Desk Award for "Equus"; Rumor Alert: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD Due November 19th?

'Twilight': David Slade confirmed as 'Eclipse' director, 30 Days of Night Director Does Twilight (related: '30 Days of Night' Sequel Going Straight to DVD ... Probably); 'Twilight': 'New Moon' set footage with Pattinson and Lautner (plus Mary Hart says 'woof'!), 'Twilight': Robert Pattinson wants to disturb us in 'New Moon'. Bring it; Fans Flock to Filming Location after radio station blurts out the address; Melissa Rosenberg Suggests Channing Tatum; A Different Edward Cullen? The ‘Twilight’ Scenario That Never Came to Pass; Dust Off Your Body Glitter and Get Ready for TwiCon.

(If you enjoyed The Gift of Fear, you might also like...)

Robert Pattinson Officially takes 'Remember Me' role.

‘Twilight’ Actor Kellan Lutz Set to Have ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’; Krueger Will Terrorize Two Schools.

See Jackson Rathbone’s new movie, 'Dread,' for free in LA; Seven New Hi-Res Images from 'Dread.'

‘G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ Star Marlon Wayans Promises Sleek Suits… And No Goofiness.

Will you watch a '300 meets Taken' adaptation of 'The Odyssey'?

Denzel Washington Becomes ‘Unstoppable’ For Runaway Train Pic.

Amanda Peet joins Jack Black in 'Gulliver's Travels.'

Benicio Del Toro In Talks for ‘Lunar Park’ — To Play Bret Easton Ellis?

Universal Puts "Wildly Over-Budget" Gore Verbinski Pic 'Bioshock' On Hold For Now.

Bill Murray playing a zombie?

Russell Brand Headlining Universal's 'Drop Dead Fred' Remake.

More Hints at Ridley Scott's Involvement in Another Aliens?; Let's Find Out How Those 'Alien' Guys Got Started ("What came first, the Alien or the face-hugger egg? What was the Alien Queen like as a teenager? How do those guys build such complex, Swedish surrealist interiors to their cave homes? Answers may be on the way").

Cronenberg’s ‘Videodrome’ Next In Line for a Remake.

Rodriguez Rebooting Both Jetsons And Predator. Should We Laugh Or Cry?

‘Straw Dogs’ Remake is Unfortunately Still Happening and James Marsden is Aboard.

EXCLUSIVE: Co-Creator Of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Reveals More Details About New Film.

Snakes On A Plane Director Tackling Alien Redneck Massacre Movie ['Humpty Dumpty'].

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    I have not checked in for a while! Also I'm so used to Twitter that I totally forgot about comments here and I NEED TO CHECK THOSE OMG. I saw a…

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    I have not checked in for a while! Also I'm so used to Twitter that I totally forgot about comments here and I NEED TO CHECK THOSE OMG. I saw a…

  • Quick updates

    Finally recovering from my probably convention-induced sinus infection. Even after I fought off a tickle of a cough that only lasted a day or two, I…

  • Moar updates

    As a short update before I get back to working on "Aperitivo"--had my two-hour fasting glucose test yesterday. @NelsonSmandela: @cleolinda Did you…