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Y'all remember Christina, right? Well, she emailed me the other day to ask if I would pass a request on to y'all:

Since my mom died in 1997 I have been slowly working on a project with my dolls to raise funds for cancer research. It is also I hope going to get more people, especially children to read since many of my dioramas are based on books. I will also be adding a teaching component to the exhibit to teach people viewing the exhibit why we wear the clothing we do and how history influenced what we wear.

Here's my dilemma. I have put every penny I could get my hands on selling custom doll clothes over the years to buy repaints (back when it was just Gene and she needed to be repainted to look like a specific person), then I was able to get some Tonner dolls that did not need to be repainted, plus they are articulated so I can pose them in the dioramas, and some like Pirates of the Caribbean don't need to even be redressed so it saves me some time getting this together. I have asked every year for Mother's Day, my birthday and Christmas for dolls, fabrics, items for props and anything else to see this dream of mine come to fruition. I am so close but I need some more dolls.

I especially need some male dolls. I need Edward and Bella dressed, I need Ron and Hermoine in their Hogwarts uniforms, and Dumbledore. I need a nude Edward for another display [Cleo note: dolls are resold "nude" because people keep the clothes but don't need the dolls--for example, there's three different dressed Harry Potter dolls, but people might want to keep only one doll and all three costumes. Others then buy "nude" dolls secondhand in order to dress them differently or repaint them to look like something else. I am fairly certain Christina's exhibit will not involve sparkleporn ], and I was hoping maybe you could see if any of your doll followers would like to donate any of the above dolls or nude male Tonner dolls. Hair color on nude male Tonner dolls do not matter because they will be wigged or rerooted. There are other dressed dolls that I would like to add to this collection if people would like to donate them but most dolls I am getting are nude and will be dressing them myself.

If anyone wishes to do this just to help get kids especially to read, or donate a doll in memory of a loved one that has passed away or is a cancer survivor then I will put a plaque in front of the doll with their name on it or the name of a loved one.

I have a local museum that is going to host this exhibit October 10, 2009. I hope to have someone from The American Cancer Society there to speak because my best friend was diagnosed in February with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Now we women know to check for lumps but IBC does not have lumps it spreads in "sheets" and has other symptoms. But most women do not know these symptoms and by the time it is diagnosed properly it is at stage 3 or 4. This is a deadly and very aggressive cancer. I want to educate people at the luncheon that day about IBC and what to look for in all cancers.

I know the economy is bad, in fact Larry was laid off 5 days before Christmas and I had hoped to do this completely on my own but I am needing help to see this dream be as great as I imagine it to be.

[Museum contact info redacted so 500 people don't go harass them.] I painted a mural there back when my mom was ill and finished it after she died so they are going to let me do the first fund raiser there. I am also talking to people at Haute Doll and Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine about doing a feature article on the exhibit so we can get it displayed in other cities.

If you would be willing to ask your readers if they would be willing to donate any of the above dolls I would be extremely grateful! I am sewing from my bed doing this project so I'm not as fast as I used to be but I'm still getting quite a lot done considering the pain and fatigue from all the health issues not to mention the ongoing depression related to the bi-polar illness I have for which I can not take antidepressants.

If you can help by asking your friends list if any of them would like to help I would be extremely grateful.

As a follow-up, she also sent me a link to a sample doll--a costume from The Age of Innocence (scroll down)--in case you wanted to see what her handiwork looks like. Christina's not on LiveJournal anymore after a bad trolling incident, so if you're interested in helping, I can get you in touch with her. If you have questions, I'll be happy to get what answers I can.

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