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Well, at least it's nice out

I feel really crappy, probably because the weather's been hideous for several days now, but it's sunny now, so here's an early linkspam so I can go recharge my epidermal solar panels.

(Re: Yesterday's Secret Life: There are a ton of awesome reader-made icons sprinkled through the comments; The Littlest Hat is courtesy of MaggieCat; and TLE is not technically napping [sparklepires don't sleep, if you will recall], so he has actually stopped for a Q-tip snack break, if you look closely. Also: Let's have a big hand for Squeakers the Cat-Toy Stunt Mouse.)


Actor-comedian Dom DeLuise dies at age 75; Dom DeLuise: A comic legacy.

Mia Farrow nine days into three week hunger strike for Darfur.

David Cook's brother dies of brain cancer.

So long! GeoCities is no more. Yeah... I'm gonna need to get those domains back from them.

‘Billy Elliot’ Leads Tony Nominations, With 15; Tony noms react: 'Billy Elliot' dominates, Constantine Maroulis surprises.

Author Cormac McCarthy receives PEN award.

Dali Painting Stolen In Armed Raid On Museum.

Tori Amos talks Madonna, dirty song lyrics, and more.

Book details Paul Newman's charmed, and charming, 'Life.'

Could Apple Buy Twitter? [Rumormonger]

Zombie Strain Of Swine Flu Just A Crazy Hoax.

Lost's 4-toed statue soon to be revealed?

Bob Dylan Makes The True Blood Vamps' Clothes Fall Off; 'True Blood' in Vegas; REVIEW: 'Dead and Gone' by Charlaine Harris.

Burger King finds the actors for live-action 'Aqua Teen' episode.

2009 MTV Movie Awards Nominations Announced; MTV Movie Awards Nominees Announced: ‘Twilight,’ ‘Slumdog’ Lead Pack. This year's Best Picture, Heath Ledger's last movie, and... Twilight, which has the most nominations. I'm sure the voter results aren't going to embarrass MTV at all. Also: MTV Movie Awards Host Andy Samberg Breaks Out Of Eva Mendes’ Concentration Camp.

Images: 'Main Street' set pics; New stills from 3 Gerard Butler movies; NY Times' New Photos from Judd Apatow's 'Funny People'; CineVegas Exclusive: An Image from 'Redland'; 'Pandorum' Looking More And More Like Matrix Meets 'Event Horizon'; 'Mysteries of Pittsburgh' Poster: "Alright, for This Shot, Everyone Just Look at Something."

Trailers and clips: Oooh! Check Out a Scene from Pixar's 'Up'!; New Footage from Disney's 'The Princess and The Frog'; Trailer for Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Tetro’; Must Watch: Trailer for Indonesian Martial Arts Film 'Merantau'; First Footage Of James Marsters As An Alien-Fighting Cowboy; ‘The Hunt for Gollum’ Full Short Film Now Online;
Audrey Tautou's CHANEL N°5 film (dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet).

How Did The Online Leak Affect ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’? Not much, apparently: Wolverine opens in first place with $87M. Meanwhile: Can Gambit And Rogue Connect After ‘Wolverine’? Taylor Kitsch Talks Team-Up With Anna Paquin; Is 'Wolverine' the most homoerotic superhero movie ever?; Hugh Jackman Already Officially Working on Wolverine 2; Hugh Jackman turns ghost hunter for 'Ghostopolis'; Hugh Jackman Gets 'Carousel,' 'Security,' and 'Wolverine' Sequel; Hugh Jackman's plans include 'Wolverine' sequel and Broadway 'Houdini': Pick one!

Exclusive Star Trek Video Interviews!; ‘Star Trek’ Offers Something For The Ladies: Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto; Artist on Artist: Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto.

Christian Bale Says “I’ll Be Back” In New Terminator Salvation TV Spot; Rihanna's "Terminator" demo; Will McG’s ‘Terminator 5’ Be Set in the Present?

Check This Out: Angels and Demons NBA Promo TV Spot; 'Angels & Demons' director says Vatican interfered with filming; 'Angels & Demons' fails to draw Vatican's ire; Tom Hanks is ready for a third ‘Da Vinci’ film.

It's Finally Time to Hit 'The Road.'

High Res Dumbledore and Harry Photo from LA Times; Gateway to Wizarding World of Harry Potter Begins to Take Shape.

Old comments come back to haunt Eclipse director David Slade: "Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid. Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me"; David Slade emails Twilight Lexicon personally to clarify the context (translation: "Oh God, I'm young and I have so much to live for, OH GOD CALL OFF THE DOGS OH GOD THEY'RE ALREADY OUTSIDE MY HOUSE NOOOOOOOO"); Michael Sheen says he's filming New Moon tomorrow; Kristen Stewart: Biking Riding, Not With Taylor (set pics); Kelly Clarkson has a song for New Moon? It's online?; Facebook group suggests Ryan Reynolds casting for Garrett. Normally I'd give a nice disdainful snort to the idea of casting-by-petition, but all bets are off with Twilight.

Related: First Poster for David Slade's 'Cold Skin'; Rumor: Michael Sheen is the Big Bad Villain in Tron 2?; New Robert Pattinson Interview For 'How To Be,' Robert Pattinson Wins First Glance Award; Robert Pattinson gay kiss scene. 'Little Ashes' is gonna be a fun time in Twilighterland, y'all.

Marcus Nispel to Board the Bloody 'Demeter.' As in, the ship from Dracula. You know, the book with the real vampires.

‘Transformers’ Blockbuster Filmmaker Michael Bay Wants to Make…A Western?

Brad Pitt is a 'Basterd' (Not a Glourious One); New 'Inglourious Basterds' Poster - Eli Roth is a Basterd; Tarantino Talks ‘Basterds’ - Will It Be His ‘Masterpiece’?; Diane Kruger Literally Talks about Her ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Screen Test - Literally.

Watanabe and Hardy Join Chris Nolan’s ‘Inception.’

Kenneth Branagh Says ‘Thor’ Filming To Begin In January, Hints At Potential Lead.

McG says Dwayne Johnson not in '20,000 Leagues.'

'Used Guys' Moving Forward with Stiller & Witherspoon.

Christina Aguilera Prepped for Her Big Screen Debut with ‘Burlesque.’

Christopher Lee Joins the Cast of Hammer's 'The Resident.'

Stunt For Nicolas Cage’s ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Goes Horribly Wrong; 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' stunt injures two.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Wanted’ Screenwriter Chris Morgan Explains His Departure From ‘Wanted 2.’

Sony Finally Releasing Original '[REC].'

Is 'Synecdoche, New York' an Unintentional Rip Off of Fellini's '8½'?

Is The World Ready For Warner Bros' American 'Death Note'? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure Sister Girl isn't.

A No-Eyed French Beastie, The Bollywood Snake Lady Beckons, And Some Very Sick Aussie Vamps [Cult Movie Worship].

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