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I'm still alive

Saw Star Trek last night. It was v. good. I didn't have a cinematic orgasm or anything (which I had kind of been led to believe would be the case, actually), but it was good, and I'd go see it again. For some reason, Bones was totally my favorite.

(Am genuinely considering getting the Barbie Uhura now. Wouldn't get the Kirk and Spock Kens, though.)

Wrote a good bit this weekend; managed to save over the newest installment of Secret Life, so that kinda sucks. (Mostly this is bad because we are falling wayyyy behind and a lot of things are going to happen soon.) Sister Girl came over and made Crepes Suzette for Mom for brunch, and then we had barbecue for the family lunch while Sister Girl was at work, and then I slept for three hours because I was painfully tired for some reason. And then I got up and wrote a little more, but in a very slow, meandering kind of way. Might go to bed early just in hopes of feeling more energetic tomorrow, I don't know.

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