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Caveat pincher

cleolinda Found this out today: we Jones women do not take well to pinching. Pinch us, and we are not responsible for what happens next.

cleolinda Some girl pinched my sister at work, and apparently SG then said, "If you do that again, you'll be on the floor and out of a job."

cleolinda I commend her restraint, because usually I end up smacking a bitch before I even realize I've done it, in a pinching situation.

cleolinda Meanwhile, my mom worked at [Company] in her twenties. A girl pinched her, and Mom threw her against the wall. PINCH MAKE HULK MOM ANGRY.

cleolinda Then she was in an elevator and "some white-haired old man" pinched her. She slapped him. He was a vice president.

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Tags: appropriate responses to bad situations, my mother, sister girl, twitter
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