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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Trying to get back into the swing of things
Apropos of nothing much, I'll tell you that I tried to watch the third Mummy movie last night, and I could not get fifteen minutes into it--because I can forgive a lot, and I can have a lot of fun with stuff that isn't actually good, but I just could not, not, not get behind Maria Bello replacing Rachel Weisz (who I love in the first movie). They just weren't even the same character--Rachel Weisz brought a kind of giddy can-do energy to Evie, whereas Maria Bello had this arch, coy, detached take on the whole thing (and how much of that is due to her wrestling with a fake accent, I don't know).

But I will give the movie this: the first time we hear Bello!Evie, she's reading aloud from a novel she's published (a thinly fictionalized version of her own adventures). Then a woman in the audience stands up and asks if she based the heroine on herself, and then we see Bello!Evie for the first time as she says, all but winking at the camera, "No, I can honestly say she is a completely different person." I laughed so hard.

Must Watch: First Trailer for Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes'!

ETA: Early leak of the New Moon poster, it looks like. Although the watermark is cracking me up.

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Oh Mark Strong. You bring sexy back.

Disclaimer: I am always eager for new takes on well-known canon, even if they sound insane and I love the source material(s).

That said? This is the first time I recall being all ONTD-lunatic and muttering "I'm gonna cut a bitch" as I watch a trailer. I don't know what Guy Ritchie's been smoking, but that? Is not Sherlock Holmes. It looks ridiculously entertaining, but it also looks AWFUL and this one of the source materials he could have used for an actual GOOD film that people would actually have seen, wtf?! [/rant]

I think it's safe to say it'll give you lots of material for a first-class m15m (and I say this with all the appreciation and none of the pressure in the world). Wtf, Ritchie, wtf?!

On a different note, I wonder why the HP fen keep ranting that they've seen the whole movie already. I feel like for the last few months I've been shown reshuffled versions of the same clips. *yawn*

... what am I saying?! It's HP fen. *headdesk*

(Deleted comment)
Making a Battleship movie just means society is one step closer to seeing Minesweeper: The Movie.

Replace Clive Owen with Keanu? That's...not exactly a step in the right direction, is it?

Also, glad to see Christian Bale owning up to his meltdown again. I don't even know why the director (Producers...? Sponsors...? Hollywood en masse...?) came up with this ridiculous excuse that he (the director) had made Bale do it, or some rot along those lines. The man had already apologised for his own behaviour, McG, stop ruining your own chances...!

Sherlock Holmes - Thumbs up! The trailer looked cool though Robert Downey Jr isn't exactly British is he...but he's a good actor so I'm good.

Thanks for the Linkspam without it i would of never known about most movie things. lol

Wait, so...Maria Bello actually IS supposed to be the same character?? Damn, and here I always just figured there was a divorce or somethin' and she was Daddy's replacement girl. Now I'm gladder than ever I never saw that movie (even though the first two were lolarious and awesome).

i had the same reaction (to the "completely different person" line)! i think i may have watched the movie all the way through, but i have no recollection what it was about. rachel weisz was so charming, i was sad she wasn't in it.

I don't care if this Sherlock Holmes movie will probably make the purists cry, I WANT THAT MOVIE RIGHT NOW. THAT LOOKS AWESOME.

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Heh. It's always surreal to me when I'm on ONTD and it's like, "O hai! salamandersam posted that!"

I'm not sure that I'm fully on board with the new imagining of Irene Adler, but otherwise, rock on!!

I am excited for the Sherlock Holmes. I am always so happy to see any Victorian inspired stuff, plus RDJ!!!!

As I said in my own journal, I will go into like I did the Mummy, expecting nothing accurate, just a fun movie.

Well, I'll give you that much, I did love the first Mummy. Didn't see the second because I loved the first one so much, actually.

The New Moon poster is already up at spunkransom.com. It looks HORRIBLE.

Yeah, I just saw. It looks... pretty much exactly what I thought a New Moon poster would look like. Because you have to have Jacob on it, because it is The Jacob Movie, but you also have to have Edward and Bella, or otherwise casual moviegoers don't know why they're supposed to care in the first place. Thus: you photoshop everyone in on the background you released the title logo on.

Now, there were a couple of b/w fan posters, one for Edward in Volterra and one for Bella on the cliff, that were actually really well-done. So of course they couldn't possibly have been real.

Yeeeeeah that's why I can't really get into Mummy III either. =/ It was pretty good otherwise.

Bummer about Sarah Connor Chronicles. I dug that show, if only for my weekly helping of Summer Glau squee.

While the cast is superb, I am a little leery as to the shooting it in 3-D. There are other factors, perhaps I'm so cynical about beloved stories is my love affair with the authors.

Then again, I may turn out to be wrong and it will be the awesomest of the awesome.