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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Trying to get back into the swing of things
Apropos of nothing much, I'll tell you that I tried to watch the third Mummy movie last night, and I could not get fifteen minutes into it--because I can forgive a lot, and I can have a lot of fun with stuff that isn't actually good, but I just could not, not, not get behind Maria Bello replacing Rachel Weisz (who I love in the first movie). They just weren't even the same character--Rachel Weisz brought a kind of giddy can-do energy to Evie, whereas Maria Bello had this arch, coy, detached take on the whole thing (and how much of that is due to her wrestling with a fake accent, I don't know).

But I will give the movie this: the first time we hear Bello!Evie, she's reading aloud from a novel she's published (a thinly fictionalized version of her own adventures). Then a woman in the audience stands up and asks if she based the heroine on herself, and then we see Bello!Evie for the first time as she says, all but winking at the camera, "No, I can honestly say she is a completely different person." I laughed so hard.

Must Watch: First Trailer for Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes'!

ETA: Early leak of the New Moon poster, it looks like. Although the watermark is cracking me up.

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OK, I guess I have to see The Mummy 1 & 2. She's so much fun!

and the pictures of her at Cannes, WOW! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/17/rachel-weisz-shines-on-ca_n_204442.html

Oh, I only even saw the first movie. But I love her SO MUCH in it.

(Yeah, that's such a great dress on her. There's a more casual one she had on earlier in the day--nice, but it's a shade of green that's not quite as flattering.)

I'm not sure whether to be horrified or guiltily excited that they're remaking 'Red Dawn.' I mean, it's Red Dawn fer cryin' out loud. It was a fun bad movie then, and it did have Powers Boothe in it, and it was one of Charlie Sheen's breakout flicks, which I suppose makes it a cool bit of moviemaking history and all, but...Red Dawn?

I don't know. I just think maybe we should be concentrating on making another Girl with a Pearl Earring ('Girl Interrupted at her Sewing'?) or a sequel to 'Shaun of the Dead' or something, you know, original and cool, rather than trying to remake what was fun but ultimately dated before it even came out, and is now totally dated and can only be (generously) described as lamely irrelevant.

I am horrified because I am quite sure it's going to be aaaall about the pretty teenagers. Lead Boy and Lead Girl will have sex in a tent of rebellion. There's going to be one token non-white kid in the midst of the Anglo Resistance, and he's going to die during the final battle or earlier. (The girl might be race-switched, too, or she might be their twofer.) They're going to be 'Lost'-scruffy instead of just kids-camping dirty, all shiny sweat and mussed hair and attractive scrapes on their cheekbones. And you're totally right, it's completely irrelevent at this point and it's just going to look silly.

What else would you want a remake of? Book-wise, I really, really want to see a Temeraire novel on the big screen. The production costs would be horrific but the marketing would be one line: "Master and Commander--with DRAGONS!"

(Deleted comment)
The water mark on the maybe fake leaked twlight poster is indeed the best thing ever.

OOOOHHHH Sherlock Holmes. Must add this to the list of things to go see.

I think the best part about the third Mummy movie was the yetis. I always hate it when they don't replace the character as well as the actor in movies, and the worst part was that she sounds a lot like Ms. Weisz when she's doing the reading. I loled at the different person line too though. Rachel and Brendan just had much better chemistry, and it was missing her lovely quirkiness ("I...am a librarian!") Also, the actor who played their son was kind of blah. Brendan and the guy who plays Jonathan were good, but where was Oded Fehr (Ardeth)? Yeah, that movie kind of failed.

I would highly suggest the second one, it's pretty much as good as the first (the guy who played Mr. Eko in Lost is one of the bad guards, and he has this hilarious interaction with their then 10ish year old son) and Ardeth has many more awesome moments. One of my friends actually liked it better than the first one.

Your icon = .999 bullion GENIUS.

The Russian Sherlock Holmes movies will always be my number 1 screen adaptation, but this movie looks like it'll be my favourite of the English language screen adaptations. That is, unless Rachel McAdams turns out to be Irene Adler. I'm scared to check IMDB.

I know it's kind of sacrilege to say you don't like the Jeremy Brett SH, but my biggest problem with the adaptations is their Holmes, it's usually their Watson. A really old one was on TV not long ago and in that one, Watson could barely walk and talk at the same time, they might as well have had him grunt and scratch his head to telegraph how stupid he is in the presence of Holmes's mighty intellect. From the trailer, it looks like they allowed Jude Law's Watson to be, I don't know, a competent human being? Certainly the OTP-ness of "I need someone with me I can trust, Watson!" is as canon as it gets.

'Angels & Demons' actor slams Dan Brown's writing

Finally someone honest.

Stellan's comments are usually made of win (probably because he's got this interesting relationship with the press so that he doesn't bullshit around all that much)

The best thing about the Antichrist press is the image of Manohla Dargis walking out of the theater singing "That's Entertainment."

Alan Cumming In Talks To Play Green Goblin In ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.’


Now I really wish I had 'filmed my reaction to the New Moon poster!!!' and thus treated MTV to a few seconds of me turning purple and gasping out "Spunk Ransom! Sp--sp--spunk Ransom!!!"

Oh man, I watched the third Mummy with my parents (who I swear browse the new release section blindfolded) and I couldn't get over Bello!Evie either. I love the first movie - its just so damn much fun, and Evie is one of my favorite movie heroines because she's both a librarian and awesome.
That said, i hope you got far enough to see the CGI yetis kick a field goal with one of the baddies. My dad and I started laughing so hard that we woke up my mom

I did see that part a while back, and found it so hilariously random that it's actually the icon for this entry. : )

Sherlock Holmes looks like a blast, with great actors and all, but... it's going to chew up the source material into a mangled, unrecognizable mess. I mean, Holmes was never a lady's man, although some people have imagined him so. And I know we need us some hotness, but I always imagined Watson as portly and soft-spoken.

Heh on the New Moon poster and your reaction comment.

Re: Alexandar Skarsgaard: why isn't he Thor? WHYYYY? I guess Kirk's daddy looks the part... I'll give him a chance.

Also, I may be going way out of town just as True Blood is coming out- sadness!

The slow internet here, being the place I am now that is not mine, would make checking through your linkspam now an exercise in futility.

I did just want to say THANK YOU about the Mummy 3. I adored Rachel Weisz and would have rathered they made up some contrivance to write her out of the movie (not anything sad, just a reason for her not to go on this adventure) than recast her. Grr!

Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Kwanten, Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana- Hollywood is stealing all of Australia's hunky men. Hollywood must be stopped.

btw- Von Trier: Meh. Once you've seen Douglas Buck's CUTTING MOMENTS, with its facial/genital/breast mutilations, you can make it through anything...

I am pretty darned excited for Holmes, even though it's not Conan Doyle Holmes. (And, you know, hey, it's RDJr. MMMMM.)

I remember reading an article in SciFi magazine about M3 and the director was so bitchy about Rachel Weisz not returning that it put me right off seeing it. He also said something to the effect of 'British women aren't sexy, so I've hired an American with a fake British accent'. I was like, 'uh, what?'

As I recall, Stephen Sommers also made Sienna Miller wear breast enhancers to play The Baroness in the G.I. Joe movie and was hugely tactless about the whole thing. http://www.imdb.com/news/ni0251058/ I'm not sure if the bluntness makes it more or less offensive. Since the Mummy/New Evie thing and that I kind of hate that I tend to like a solid number of his movies. And I don't even like Miller!

(WHYYYYY does Christopher Eccleston have such awful taste in American movies? Because that bit of casting is the only thing in the entire world that would make me entertain the idea of seeing a G.I. Joe movie for even a moment and somehow it came to pass.)