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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Trying to get back into the swing of things
Apropos of nothing much, I'll tell you that I tried to watch the third Mummy movie last night, and I could not get fifteen minutes into it--because I can forgive a lot, and I can have a lot of fun with stuff that isn't actually good, but I just could not, not, not get behind Maria Bello replacing Rachel Weisz (who I love in the first movie). They just weren't even the same character--Rachel Weisz brought a kind of giddy can-do energy to Evie, whereas Maria Bello had this arch, coy, detached take on the whole thing (and how much of that is due to her wrestling with a fake accent, I don't know).

But I will give the movie this: the first time we hear Bello!Evie, she's reading aloud from a novel she's published (a thinly fictionalized version of her own adventures). Then a woman in the audience stands up and asks if she based the heroine on herself, and then we see Bello!Evie for the first time as she says, all but winking at the camera, "No, I can honestly say she is a completely different person." I laughed so hard.

Must Watch: First Trailer for Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes'!

ETA: Early leak of the New Moon poster, it looks like. Although the watermark is cracking me up.

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"Keanu Reeves Replaces Clive Owen in 'Cartagena.'"

*disdainfully* Really??

shouldn't your reaction rather be *WHOAH!*


The first two Mummy movies are a guilty pleasure for me. They're so damn silly and so damn entertaining, I can't help but lol my way through them. Haven't seen the third one, because could not get past Bello. V.sad.

I have to confess, Antichrist sounds fascinating. Perhaps I'll watch it one of these days, when I want to go psychotic or something.

Speaking as a dear fan of the Mummy series... I found the third movie to be an exercise in agony. Not just for the recasting of Evie, but for the painful descent into potty humour and horrible, horrible plot. I enjoyed about the first ten minutes, which set my hopes up for a crushing low.

I mean... when Jonathan's pants caught on fire? I stared in horror as my watching companion confirmed that yes, she had the subtitles on, he actually said that.

The first movie was good adventure camp and fun to pieces. The second was... well, not exactly good and my partner and I shredded it to pieces for not even remaining consistent on Egyptian mythos itself, but at least it's still fun, and I'm fond of it. It still had the same feeling. The third... I will never, ever watch again, and I am content to deny it exists.

In other news, it is going to be impossible for me to approximate the sound that came out of my mouth when I saw 'Alan Cumming' and 'Spider-Man' in the same sentence. Maybe it would have been easier if I'd been drinking something.

As a mutual fan of costumes and Sci-Fi I had to click that Sci-Fi Chic artical (btw: I'm totally going to tell my sister everything she wears is Sci-Fi Chic, because the find the term's lolarious that way). Now, I don't claim to know more about Star Trek than tribbles but I think the guy picked the wrong sci-fi movie to nitpick about its wardrobe choices. Not to say that there hasn't been a trend in recent Science Fiction to make things more "realistic" but still, the clothes in Star Trek worked for the world we were seeing. Still, some of those comments were seriously grating, what with the flippant "fashion doesn't belong in my sci-fi". Having just written five pages about the clothing of Firefly for a class project, I have to disagree.

On another note: Its sad when the fan-made stuff looks better than the studio stuff (yeah, I'm looking at you New Moon poster).

Just got back from seeing Terminator Salvation! It was pretty great, I thought. Do you want to see a lot of awesome killer robots? Because this movie has them.

Son of a .... Keanu Reeves quit acting! And you're stretching the term! Bill and Ted's Awesome Adventure is the only movie that has ever worked for you!

I was lukewarm on Guy Ritchie as Sherlock Holmes to begin with, but it doesn't help that the bad guy reminds me of Jeremy Brett.

Jude Law, on the other hand, is fifteen kinds of awesome.

ETA: The above should, of course, read "Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes." I need more caffeine.

Edited at 2009-05-19 09:08 am (UTC)

"The Fall of the House of Usher" scared the bejezus out of me as a teen. I stayed up late one night reading it, and seriously, the one and only time in my life I had to close the book and put it under my bed, I was so completely freaked out. I may watch the movie, but only if there's no gore in it. Just spooky stuff would be enough.

And the New Moon poster? Eh. I've seen better fan ones that capture the essence of the storyline. This one looks like it should be for Eclipse. But you know they had to get RPatz in there somewhere so the fangirls could drool on it.

I appear to be the only one excited for "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus." I LOVE shark movies and B movies so this will be the greatest movie EVER! And it comes out on my birthday. Somebody knows what I like.

I am totally stalking my mail box, waiting for my copy of True Blood

Weirdly stoked on Chris Hemsworth's behalf. I haven't seen a minute of the soap opera he was in since its debut in 1988 (I was six, leave me alone :P) and I therefore wouldn't know him if I fell over him - but still. Weirdly stoked. Yay, meteoric rise!

wow. yeah.

Still amazed that they managed to combine my love from deep childhood origins of Sherlock Holmes (hello giant compendium of stories that is falling apart and still travels with me) ... with my love of Guy Ritchie movies (Well, pre-madonna ones at least) and make it actually look awesome. as in ticking all the boxes zomg I wonder if I can get rid of the parents to go see it on Christmas Day probably not hmm boxing day awesome.

Must watch trailer again.

*raises hand* Wait...I'm confused. Are they actually making another Silence of the Lambs movie, or is this just rumors and nonsense?

Because if they are, I may have to track down Ridley Scott and hit him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. He'll never learn, otherwise, after Hannibal.

Hell, even if it isn't true, I may have to do that anyway.

What I think happened is that someone took an old Hannibal-era article and reran it as if it were current and for yet another sequel. (Cate Blanchett was, at the time, considered for Clarice as well.)

O.K., so the trailer doesn't bear any resemblance to the Sherlock Holmes I've read, but damn if it doesn't look awesome.

Also, o hai there Jude Law. I don't care if you are losing your hair, I still love you.

Apropos of nothing, Cleo, did you see Wolverine? I saw it yesterday, and I was wondering what you (would have) thought of it, since it was one of those movies that I enjoyed but dearly wished I could have talked back to in the theater.

Also, I didn't realize until it posted that I began my comment with the same phrase with which you began this post. Heh.