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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Let the games begin
galadriel doll
Finally, the long-awaited, long-bitched-for day: NECA finally released their Bella figure, and I finally placed my order.

"It's so COLD here. Is it always like this?"

Think you can handle it?Collapse )

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A Motherfucking Hair-Off


Not gonna lie: I read "convulsed" and immediately thought of this gif.


...Which I'm 65% sure I found in the comments around these parts to begin with. Full circle, yo.

*DIES* I'm totally saving that for future use.

Oh dear .... every time TLB fell over, I wheezed painfully with giggly delight.

Also, there's a "remember, that one time?" joke about coming out of the linen closet in there somewhere, but I just can't spin it right.

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(Deleted comment)
This I loved to no end:




"... mellow."

The Littlest Bella, complete with built-in clumsiness! Hooray!

Also Cleo, I got your book and it was A. Mazing. Thank you for publishing that business!

Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it. : )

Oh man, I am loving that tiny little brat.

TLE's kitten growl is the most precious thing ever.


Also, you need a Frodo so he and The Littlest Bella can fall down together a lot and compare bruise ointments.

Special abilities include being accident prone?

Epic win, NECA.

Oooh, nice forced perspective there. It makes the Edwards look almost equal in size. I have no doubt that TLE is a vicious fighter though. As my brother one put it, when speaking of playing a Tauran fighting a gnome on WOW, "it's like, where is this person repeatedly stabbing my knees?"

The package says Edward and Bella on it. Is there another TLE lurking or is Bella just unmarketable without some mention of Edward?

Bella comes with sunglasses Edward, but Cleolinda has said she plans to use it as a TLE stunt double or something. In other words, there will not be a third Edward among the Shelfians.

Judging from Bella's initial dialogue? I say throw her to Tonner Wardo. They're totally made for each other (if Wardo can keep from trying to eat her, anyway).

YES, I have grown fond of The Littlest Edward, because he's from "Growing Up Cullen", and I'll take that version over canon--Tonner Wardo--ANY day.

The Littlest Bitch has been on the shelf for five minutes and I'm already rooting for Tonner Edward to snack her whiny ass.

SLOD always brings a smile to my face and I often find myself giggling out loud as I read it. This entry? I was guffawing in a scare-the-cat (if I had one) sort of way at everything that came out of TLB's mouth (I love her characterisation), every time she fell over, the pictures of the two Edwards, and "...mellow". My sides hurt now.

"I don't even want to know how cold it gets when it rains. Does it rain a lot here? Stupid rain."

If north 'Bama is anything like south 'Bama re: afternoon thunderstorms almost daily, she is going to HATE her new home. XD

Heh, exactly. Particularly in the summer.

Okay, for me the worst of it is knowing exactly where Minooka, IL is. And Bella could have stayed there--remind her that.

(Deleted comment)