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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Let the games begin
galadriel doll
Finally, the long-awaited, long-bitched-for day: NECA finally released their Bella figure, and I finally placed my order.

"It's so COLD here. Is it always like this?"

Think you can handle it?Collapse )

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EEEE! When I got home, head aching and eyes itchy, I just wanted to sleep. Then I saw this and made a noise not unlike EEE! in my head. The Littlest Bella! Who is totally like her book characterization and it's AWESOME.

The photography for this one is particularly great, too--TLE peering around the corner, and for some reason, the state of his hand when he looks back to see Tonner!Edward. Awesome awesome job!

*waiting patiently and quietly for the next installment! EEEEEE*

Master of the Current Music

Somebody's probably said it already, but I must comment that the music choice is perfect. The title/lyrics are spot-on: "you give me just a taste so I want more and more." Brilliant!

And on top of it, the artist! Edwyn Collins is probably as close as you can get to "Edward Cullen" in all of pop culture. Unless there is some Twilight-based-rock out there, ala Draco and the Malfoys. Edward and the Cullens? Heh.

I just bought it from iTunes so I could hear it again. Commence flashing back to highschool!

Re: Master of the Current Music

Heh. No one else mentioned it. I just really love that song, but yeah, I went searching for a good Current Music this afternoon.

omg, I'm so excited for TLB!!! I actually turned off the tv and closed the door so I could concentrate on the glee to come. But, she's not as bitchfaced as I thought she would be. She looks more confused in that picture.

Yes, clumsiness comes standard with The Littlest Bella. hee! She's just like Book!Bella. Whinny, clumsy, full of herself...oh the fun she will bring to the shelf!

And watch out for the one in the corset if you see her around, she'll cut a bitch. And by bitch I mean you." lol, I can't wait until Anna finds out TLB is here!

I hope TLE is ok!

And by bitch I mean you was my fav line, hands down.

Although I really hope Anna hates her straight off, because otherwise she'll probably try to protect her from the Monsters, OMG.

What effect Eowyn will have if she finishes the books...

I'm going to be the umpteenth person to squee over the rrrrewr. Every time I see the word I make the noise and then laugh at myself. It's quite the thing.

I am holding out hope for TLB, didn't like TLE at first soo...

And as someone said before - she disses the ponies and I will not be responsible for the consequences.

...you'd think they wouldn't be interested in someone so pale and slim and unusually intelligent."

And this is when I knew I was going to love having The Littlest Bella around. I'm not up to liking her yet, but I'm sure it'll happen.

Are you tired yet of people gleeing and adoring you? 'Cause here's one more. You are made of thirteen different kinds of WIN.

I can't help but wonder...will TLE's counterpart with the sunglasses be making an appearance? Does she know about Edward since she arrived in the same package as him?

TLE just makes my heart warm. I have one, too, only he goes by LilEds around these parts--and he's looking forward to a LilBella too!

Thanks again for the delivery of awesome.

I love that TLB's first line right out of her box is to bitch about something. I'm sure she didn't bother to even know what YOUR name is, you being a girl and all.

*tilts head* I can't figure out... did Stephenie Meyer know that a lot of people can't actually smell freesias? Is it meant to be, like, a metaphor or something?

Because it bugs me that I don't even know what this Bella's meant to smell like. I do hate lavender, though.

They can't? I mean, I wouldn't know; I've only smelled freesia-scented stuff at Bath and Body Works. Although I am reliably informed that freesia smells a lot like Froot Loops.

What?!? Nooooooo!!!! You can't stop there!!!! Oh God the suspense!! Can't handle the suspense!!!!!


She's here! She's here! *hugs self with glee*

Special abilities: Accident prone and attracts bad luck - Priceless.

Awww, TLE and his kitten-like growl. Love him more and more each day.

Edited at 2009-05-20 08:50 am (UTC)

Dude, I LOVE your icon. That is all.

I think this is my favourite one so far. Also, Ming Reader. That's hilarious. In Ireland, a minger is someone disgusting (either seriously unattractive or just with very poor hygiene).

Holy Balls, that picture of the two Edwards is THE BACKSIDE OF THE DRAMATIC PRAIRIE DOG SHOT!