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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Let the games begin
galadriel doll
Finally, the long-awaited, long-bitched-for day: NECA finally released their Bella figure, and I finally placed my order.

"It's so COLD here. Is it always like this?"

Think you can handle it?Collapse )

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I shouldn't comment on the Littlest Bella (although you made me feel sorry for her for a second! Just one! That's more than Smeyer ever did) but the perspective photo on TLE and TE?


(I can imagine those two having a girl slap-fight.)

I think my favorite part of this whole thing is the Man Role Call. "Married...Married...Steady...Gay...mellow"

and YAY. I hate TLB already! (Well, not so much hate as 'am really really annoyed by')

Special abilities: Accident prone and attracts bad luck

I can't believe they actually put that ON THE BOX. HEEEE.

"... mellow."


A Motherfucking Hair-Off

Best. Contest. Ever.

Off-topic, but did you see this?


William Shatner Battles Himself

Could William Shatner beat William Shatner in a fight? This and other mind-bending questions are answered in a funny book that pits the famous actor against filmed versions of himself.

Daily Beast looks at Jeff Burk's new comedy book, "Shatnerquake." The novella clocks in at 100-pages, and includes a special message for the actor: "P.S. Please don't sue me."

Here's more from the article: "[Fictional fans] engineer a device that magically brings Shatner's various dramatic alter-egos to life...with a thirst for murder, of course. As the night from hell progresses, Shatner must outsmart—and out-massacre--his own body of work, including Kirk, Hooker, Crane, Singing Shatner, Priceline Shatner, Rescue 911 Shatner, Twilight Zone Shatner ('colored like a black and white TV show...in a constant state of nervous breakdown') and even Animated Shatner."

(Deleted comment)
I love how the tone of the comments is generally "We hate her! YUSSS!" :D

And I completely agree.

Hee, yeah. And I love that people were afraid I would make them like her.

^_^ Well, even though it would have been possible for you to make something likable out of that personality-less shell (which means that you are a very, very good writer), I'm very, very glad that you stuck with what we were given for her in the way of likability: not much.

Seriously though, seeing as how Bella's lack of personality allows the reader to project themselves onto her and also seeing that she's ALWAYS BEEING STUPID, the Twilight books are a veritable Choose Your Own Adventure where you always make the wrong decision.

Oh, I'm still going to make you like her. ; )

Edwyn Collins <3. Although I don't think that Bella really deserves that song. ;p

"Special abilities: Accident prone and attracts bad luck"

Oh, no effing way. *takes a closer look at that side-of-box picture*


No. Effing. WAY. That is TOO beautiful.

Outrageous Flavor and Furious Kitten...

You slay me.

(Deleted comment)
I've been agitating for NECA to release her already!