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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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jadis - another damn day
Y'all, I don't wanna do a damn thing tonight. It took me this long to do a simple linkspam, Adam Lambert's got steel cage shoulder pads on, and I haven't even had dinner yet.

ETA re: American Idol: Aaaaand my mother is rending her garments downstairs. Even Kris Allen is just standing there shaking his head over and over ("Adam deserves this!"), because he knows he's going to get his ass kicked. Like, even Adam is standing there laughing at him. Oh my God, this poor guy. Congratulations on winning The Guy Who Wasn't Supposed to Beat Adam Lambert, Kris!

Longtime voice of Mickey Mouse dies.

The World’s Thickest Book--Miss Marple?

J.D. Salinger's Lawyer Examines Unauthorized Sequel (which may turn out to be parody).

Microsoft may unveil new search engine.

New trailer for ABC's V is now live; Alan Tudyk Leads The Human Resistance Against Ridiculous Alien Cleavage, In New V Stills. Y hello thar, Juliet!

Character Posters for True Blood Season 2.

The Vampire Diaries — First Look.

Images: Check These Out: Photos from Neill Blomkamp's 'District 9'; June 2009: Mark Seliger shoots the 'Fame' cast.

Trailers and clips: New '9' Trailer: It's the Ragdoll 'Terminator Salvation'; Stephen King's 'Dolan's Cadillac' Trailer Pulls In.

trailer_spot: Sherlock Holmes, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Incredible Love, Bright Star, Agora, Broken Embraces.

More EXCLUSIVE ‘Terminator Salvation’ Clips For Your Viewing Pleasure; Unresolved Pregnancy Subplot May Hint At ‘Terminator Salvation’ Sequel; 'Terminator Salvation': EW review; Review: Terminator: Salvation fulfills expectations—but is that enough? (depends on your expectations, really); There's little to salvage from this 'Terminator'; 'Terminator' star Bale guards privacy with great intensity; Final Skynet Research Viral Update - Password Discovered!; WTF: Horrific 'Terminator Salvation' Kids Costume.

Review: Sam Raimi returns to old-school horror in 'Drag Me to Hell'; 'Drag Me to Hell' Shots.

Three Clips from Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’; Cannes report: Brad Pitt in Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds'; Buy This: Brad Pitt's 'Basterds' Coat.

Four New TV Spots for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; New Feature from Half-Blood Prince: "I dont need luck, I'm with Dumbledore" (*sob*); First Clip from Half-Blood Prince: Ron Weasley, Lovelorn over Romilda Vane; Transformers and Harry Potter Clips on MTV Movie Awards; Emma Watson Says Doing Night Shoots This Week on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

That really was the New Moon poster; Two Words: Yellow Porsche; Robert Pattinson Drops The Bombshell: A Fourth ‘Twilight’ Movie Is Coming; Kevin Smith's Kid Reviews 'Twilight.'

Poll: Who Should Star In 'Bel Ami' With Robert Pattinson? As if we don't all know that the answer is, "ME, THE RANDOM FANGIRL ANSWERING THIS POLL!!!1!" (ETA: Y'all, I hadn't actually looked at the poll choices. I thought I was kidding.)

Hundreds Of Behind-The-Scenes Hours Coming For ‘Star Trek’; Zachary Quinto blogs about SNL and Star Trek; via cricketwhispers, from our favorite pony artist, My Little Spock.

Marvel Confirms Tom Hiddleston As Loki In ‘Thor,’ But What About Chris Hemsworth?

Robert Downey Jr. Trains For ‘Iron Man 2’ Fight In New Photos; Gwyneth Paltrow is upset with Scarlett Johansson on ‘Iron Man 2′; Is This Mickey Rourke In ‘Iron Man 2’?

Three Clips from Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist'!; IFC Picks Up Lars von Trier's Controversial Film 'Antichrist'; 'Antichrist' captures Cannes buzz...and my interest. YOU CAN STILL SAVE YOURSELVES.

Steven Spielberg Has a Dream About Martin Luther King Jr.; Two of Martin Luther King's Children Don't Approve Of New Biopic Plans.

Melissa Leo Joins Bale and Wahlberg in ‘Fighter.’

Will Ferrell Is Out To Get Me — And This ‘Land Of The Lost’ Interview Proves It!

Jonathan Glazer To Give ‘Birth’ To ‘Under The Skin.’

‘Ghostbusters 3′ Could Start Production This Winter, Says Dan Aykroyd; 'Ghostbusters 3' Has Sigourney Weaver, Maybe Some Babes.

Which Starlet Will Get ‘Footloose’ With Chace Crawford?

'Thirst' Quenching Pics; More Remakes: Park Chan-wook's 'Thirst' and Bong Joon-ho's 'Mother.'

Casting Updates on Mimi Leder's 'Mandrake the Magician'; Christensen, Hounsou to Star in 'Mandrake'; UPDATE: Hayden Christensen Is NOT Starring In ‘Mandrake.’

Kevin Smith On Trying To ‘Breathe New Life’ Into The Buddy Cop Genre With ‘A Couple of Dicks.’

Cher to star opposite Christina Aguilera in 'Burlesque.'

Oliver Stone in Talks for 'Helter Skelter.'

‘Boondock Saints’ Sequel Going Theatrical, Full Of ‘Raw-ass, Gratuitous Violence.’ That's... hot?

Apparently There Really Is an 'Easy Rider' Sequel Coming.

EXCLUSIVE: Anna Faris, Christina Applegate To Voice Chipettes In ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.’

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I loved that jacket. I pictured him mugging a JRocker and running off with it cackling. (curses! Of all the times not to have a Gackt icon!)


Of course, who knows who that J-Rocker mugged it off of... XD

As if we don't all know that the answer is, "ME, THE RANDOM FANGIRL ANSWERING THIS POLL!!!1!"

I thought you were joking. I should know better by now, shouldn't I?

Holy shit. I'm so sad that I said that without even looking at the choices, and I was still right.

Vampire Diaries. Which is in NO WAY riding off the popularity of Twilight. IN NO WAY. It's merely a coincidence that they're sitting in a tree. I REPEAT, NOT A KNOCK OFF!

Meanwhile, why is Ian Somerhalder suddenly a dead ringer for Eric McCormick? FIX YOUR HAIR, BOONE.

You know what's really sad? Elena is a blue-eyed blonde in the books and in the TV she's a brown-eyed brunette. Also: Stefan and Damon aren't 200 years old, they're at least 500. And I say this having barely gotten through the frist book and stopping there due to how much a pathetic Mary Sue Elena is (dumping your friends for a guy you barely know! Always getting saved by him in the knick of time! He's a vampire, but he feeds off animals!) It's like Twilight was a coplete rip off of VDs, (yes, I like that abbreviation) only with LESS character motivation and writing style.

that scarlett johansen and gwyneth paltrow drama is so blah....

but i should just say that seriously?? i love zach quinto. he's a little tiny package of awesome. as is that boondock saints sequel. nothing but love.

(Deleted comment)
I don't wanna do anything, either. Probably not a good mindset to have, because I've got a final exam tomorrow (!!!)

Anyway, you don't have to do a damn thing tonight as long as you do plenty tomorrow night (*cheeky grin*)

Oh, no, another hollow, soulless, corporate movie adaptation that remakes an old franchise's sound that has a plot about hollow, soulless, corporate types ruining a franchise by making it not be true to itself.

I can't be the only one who's starting to wonder if this thing is fixed...

My sister was like "they mentioned the 100 million votes but why didn't they say what the spread was?"

Me: "Easy: shenanigans."

(Deleted comment)
New '9' Trailer: It's the Ragdoll 'Terminator Salvation'

I thought that the moment I saw the first trailer.

I actually don't want to watch this one. I want the backstory to be a surprise, because that's half the fun.

The reason I'm not totally flipping a shit over Adam not winning:

Now he doesn't have to sing that godawful song and has abut 70000000 times more freedom with his first album.

Also, it's all Gokey and his wholesome fans' fault. DAMN YOU GOKEY.

This is TWICE that my Idol winner predictions have been wrong. I was gleeful last year when I was wrong, but this year all I keep saying is "The internet is going to burn the hell down tonight, isn't it?" ONTD is probably asploding as I type.


Heh. I remember that video of those girls screaming and crying b/c Archuleta didn't win.

I predict something similar this year.

I think Twilight may be stalking me. First last summer I vacation in Port Angeles and drive through Forks, only to learn of the Twilight phenomenon after my return. Now I just got back from Italy on Sunday, to find out that they're filming New Moon in Montepulciano, which we definitely drove right past...

Oh, Lord.

... where are you going next?

God, I want to see this film so fucking much but I'm kinda :/ that a movie set in Joburg looks set to have a Great White Hope protagonist. They couldn't find any black South Africans?

First time I watched AI. I'm surprised, but not upset. Kris is excellent as an acoustic rock/songwriter artist. And now he won't be forever in Adam's shadow, and the allegations that the judges, etc, were leaning things too far in Adam's favor have no impact now that it's Kris that won. Adam is almost guaranteed a career out of this.

(I did still root for Adam. Turns out one of my friends went to high school with him.)

Hee, yeah. Adam does seem like a really nice, cool guy. I just got so sick of the show kissing his ass because it wasn't even subtle. So it really cracks me up that it didn't even WORK.

THAT was the New Moon poster? Srsly?

And I thought the first one looked horribly photoshopped...what's hilarious is that if they posed just a bit differently and the background was white, it'd be like the Sixteen Candles poster...oh dear god, I just gave new meaning to its tagline, "It's the time of your life that may last a lifetime."

Oh dear, Zachary Quinto doesn't use capital letters. There goes my incipient celebrity crush...

Yes, I am displeased about that, too. However, he seems to use correct grammar and punctuation beyond that fault. He also has interesting things to say, so I am prepared to forgive him.