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I am not an ex-Cleo, nor am I pining for the fjords

Not doing too much today, even by our standards. My stepfather's out drumming at the American Village in his Revolutionary soldier coat; Sister Girl and her boyfriend came over for lunch. Mom used her new ice cream maker to whip up a pretty simple vanilla, which we then put homemade hot fudge sauce and fresh strawberries on (kind of like a chocolate-dipped strawberries sundae). Melted really fast, though. We're going to freeze the mixture all afternoon and try it again tonight (the bowl lives in the freezer as it is).

She also wanted to go see a movie yesterday, and while she kind of wanted to see Angels & Demons (Wolverine was also on the table. Terminator Salvation was not), I pointed out that I could absolutely guarantee that Star Trek would be worth the money, something I could not say about the other three. So I saw it again; she loved it. And in the car on the way home, she revealed that she'd seen the entire original series as a kid and had gone around making the Vulcan fingers all the time. I can't confirm this, but she might have even been a young Trekkie. And here I'd thought I'd have to explain who everyone was! So that went well.

So today and yesterday, I've felt pretty mellow, in a pleasantly limp kind of way. The next Secret Life is almost ready to go, but it depends on a couple of pictures that in turn depend on a new "set" that will involve a good bit of cleaning. (You know the bookshelf/printer table next to my file cabinet, the one that appears at the edge of so many pictures? Well, there's a reason you've never seen it properly, because it is a wreck.) Yeah. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow. I have a sudden urge to reread some comfort-food book for the eleventieth time. Jane Eyre, maybe.

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