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What I did today

So: Sister Girl and I went to The Lovely Emily's wedding (you may remember her being mentioned in "Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes," if nothing else; we were roommates through most of college). The ceremony was out in Bluff Park; it started promptly at 2:00 pm and was over at 2:16, because Methodists know how to do this shit up right, and by "right" I mean "fast." Her colors were sort of a pine/emerald green for the wedding party's dresses and vests, with accents of flame orange (read: tiger lilies), and she'd had a pendant made out of a swirl of lace, with a lace sash for her dress and lace earrings for the bridesmaids as well.

The reception, meanwhile, was out at the Bare Hands Gallery on 1st Avenue South. I'd immediately thought "paintings," but it was actually more of an arts-and-crafts thing--a lot of jewelry, some textiles, some sculpture,

but most importantly:


The cake had both yellow and chocolate layers, and was covered in a chocolate frosting, decorated with orange lilies.

I got right up there with the official photographer (a few feet to the side) and her other "paparazzi" and took as many pictures as I could get the camera to hold; most of which were somewhat artistically! blurry because I had no idea what I'd catch. But I did get some really funny ones and some really clear, striking ones as well. Unfortunately, anything incriminating with faces will stay happily off the internet. I will, however, show you my shoe:

And with that, I have officially run out of unpaid user space on Flickr. Disco Deer bless us, every one.

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