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Hey, remember that thing called "linkspam"?

MTV Movie Awards roundup, partially courtesy of my Twitter feed:

MTV Movie Awards celebrates the fun side of filmdom. Also, Twilight won everything. Except for Best Villain, which the voiceover announcer blithely mentioned went to Heath Ledger as we went out to a commercial.

@cleolinda: [Host Andy Samberg:] "I made a bet with a buddy of mine backstage. TWILIGHT!" *AUDIENCE SCREAMS* "I won!"


@cleolinda: Best Movie. I'm not even going to say it. You know it. You can hear the screaming from there, I'm sure.

MTV Movie Awards: Best/worst.

@cleolinda: Okay, I will give Samberg his "Cool Guys Walk Away From Explosions" song. Will Ferrell's suit is scaring me, though.
@cleolinda: JJ Abrams keyboard solo *what?*
@cleolinda: He is like rocking it out 1986-style up in here too, man.

'Bruno' Gets Up Close and Personal With Eminem; TAINTGATE ‘09: Is This The Face of a Man In on the Joke?; Eminem/Bruno stunt at MTV Movie Awards was staged, sources say (although I have heard that Eminem was not expecting quite that much... prank); Paris Hilton was the first choice for MTV's 'Bruno' prank.

@cleolinda: Somebody just walked off in a huff, I can't tell who. Zac Efron looks confused. Wait, that was an AWARD? Red-Carpet Hits and Misses from the MTV Awards

@cleolinda: KStew is rocking the Converse with her dress and looking like she'd rather be dead, which is why I like her.

@cleolinda: Also, Chris Pine is dressed like your grandpa.
@cleolinda: It's very "Why yes, I *would* like to be your neighbor, Mr. Rogers."

Kristen Stewart fumbles her popcorn ("So it was just about as awkward as you thought it was going to be! BYE!").

@cleolinda: Vanessa Hudgens [who just lost the award] looks mildly chagrined.
@cleolinda: "I need to remove my gum." That's hot. OH SCRIPTED SHUT DOWN BY KSTEW! Will Ferrell looks mildly chagrined.

Will Ferrell Fesses Up To His Love For Team Edward And ‘Twilight.’

@cleolinda: New Moon clip ahoy. OH GOD THE SCREAMING
@cleolinda: FURSPLOSION!
@cleolinda: NICE
@cleolinda: I particularly liked the FEMALE ROAR THAT SHOOK THE AUDITORIUM when Shirtless Taylor suddenly appeared onscreen.

@cleolinda: I love how people across the internets are now telling me they all yelled "FURSPLOSION!" at their TVs.

Stiller Insulted By Efron, Sutherland And Puppet.

@cleolinda: I mentally checked out for a few moments, looked back over, and saw Kiefer Sutherland weeping at Ben Stiller. Is hugtiem now.
@cleolinda: Stiller is accepting his career award. Kiefer is still sobbing. "Please don't let go!"

Usual Gang Of Idiots, Shenanigans At MTV Movie Awards. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

@cleolinda: Wow. Can you show a guy humping a popcorn statue for two minutes straight on TV? Apparently?

The rest of the linkspam:

Last survivor of the Titanic dies.

Phil Spector sentenced to 19 years to life.

David Lynch's Interview Project begins today.

Muse announce European tour dates.

Johnny Depp on the cover of July Vanity Fair; The Definitive Depp.

Brad Pitt Teases Mel Gibson About His 'Sugar Tits.'

Daniel Craig popsicles: Finally, the meaning of 'sex on a stick'? The fuck?

American Girl Doll Is Anarcho-Hippie Terrorista! [Oops]

Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Version.

Pixar's "Up" Exceeds Expectations, Earning $68.2 Million in its Opening Weekend.

Images: Who's got a nifty right hook? (Emily Sends A Blunt Message); Oo-de-lally! Shadowfax Helps Russell Crowe Get Into Robin Hood Mode; Photos of Angelina Jolie on the 'Salt' Set, Angelina Jolie Is Queensboro Bridge Brave; Trippy New Batch of Photos from Gerard Butler's 'Gamer.'

Trailers and clips: EXCLUSIVE: Dumbledore Meets Young Voldemort In New ‘Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince’ Clip!; EXCLUSIVE: Shia And Megan On The Run From Decepticons In This New Clip From ‘Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen’; New G.I. Joe Trailer And Clip Show Just How Embarrassing Those Power Suits Really Are; NEW VIDEO: ‘Potter 6′ Featurette, ‘Bandslam’ Trailer and ‘Burning Plain’ Int’l Trailer; Depp, Bale and Mann Talk ‘Public Enemies’ In New Featurette; '500 Days of Summer' Featurette - Joe and Zooey On Music; 'The Hangover' has yet another trailer -- how am I not tired of these?; New 'Grace' Trailer -- Red Band Baby!; Suck on the 'The Vampire Diaries' Clip Show; 'District 9' Viral Begins to Spread, But No Major Updates.

trailer_spot: Twilight Saga: New Moon, Pandorum, I Sell the Dead, Sherman Brothers' Story, Brüno; The Goods Live Hard Sell Hard, Toy Story 3, Hangover, Fermat's Room, Blood Last Vampire, In the Loop.

Watch The ‘Twilight Saga’s New Moon’ Trailer Here!; Robert Pattinson Feels ‘Tough’ After Winning Best Fight Trophy; ‘New Moon’ Stars Call Security-Heavy Italian Trip ‘Intense’; New Moon Merchandise At Hot Topic; Today on xkcd: Stephenie Meyer, Troll Slayer.

Related: Michael Shannon May Join Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning In ‘The Runaways.’

Exclusive clip from Sam Rockwell's sci-fi thriller film 'Moon'; 'Moon' Clip Recruits You To Join Sam Rockwell On The Space Mine; Duncan Jones to Helm 'Escape From The Deep' Adaptation.

Brad Silberling’s Return To ‘Lemony Snicket’ Inches Closer To Reality.

From Page to Screen: Stephen King's 'N.'

EXCLUSIVE: Joss Whedon’s ‘Evil League Of Evil’ In The ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ DVD.

What It Would Take For New Firefly?

Ryan Reynolds Promises Deadpool Will Be Like the Comics.

‘Tomb Raider’ To Be Rebooted With A Lara Croft Origin Story.

'Barbarella': 'Legally Blonde' director Robert Luketic to helm remake?

'Heathers 2,' It's Happening!

You'll Find Waldo at Universal.

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