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Fascinating, I know

So, what I did yesterday: saw Up a second time, but this time in 3D. (I love Dug so much. He reminds me of Scout personality-wise, for some reason.) Then had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, the Iguana Grill--I mean, the food is great, but it's the interior that I love:

I didn't even take pictures of the best stuff (such as the waterfall at the entrance, and the table that has a "tree" of those pumpkin-like lanterns rising out of the center, and then the murals in general) just because I didn't want to look like a complete tourist. As it was, all of those pictures were taken from the booth where we were sitting.

Then we went to J. Clyde, which specializes in beer--I'm not much into beer myself (but hey, what the hell), so I hadn't been paying much attention to the whole Free the Hops thing, but a card on the table informed me that (before the Hops were Freed last month) you couldn't have beer that was more than 6% alcohol in Alabama, which meant that 99 of the Top 100 beers (I don't know who made up that list) couldn't even be served here, nor could 90% of any beers from anywhere, ever (Top or otherwise).* So, even though it was just a Tuesday night, the place was CRAZY PACKED, to the point where people were (politely) arguing over chairs, because everyone wanted to sample the stronger beers containing the Newly Liberated Hops. The "New Beers" menu was two and a half pages long. On The Lovely Emily's recommendation, I ended up trying an 8.5% dark Belgian ale with the delightfully gothtastic name Delirium Nocturnum, and it was one of the few better beers I've had.

*I don't know why. To PROTECT TEH CHILDRUNNNNNS, I guess? Because they'll get drunker faster on $9 artisan beer than they would on Bud Light? Never mind that minors aren't supposed to have any beer anyway, so if they're able to get their hands on any at beer all, the alcohol percentage is kind of moot? I mean, they could just have two plebeian beers and get even drunker? Or they could just raid the family liquor cabinet instead of the family fridge? Alabama is stupid.

Also: my mother wanted me to ask y'all this rather than screw around on eBay, so: she was doing this Southern Living catalogue stuff, and the woman who ordered these dishes from her decided she didn't want to buy them. Except that then Southern Living wouldn't take them back. So, if anyone wants to buy these--I don't want to split up the individual plates or mugs, but someone could buy the plates and someone else could buy the mugs, I don't care. Shipping for the two sets combined was $37, so I don't know how much it would be to send them to two different buyers, but--I'm just saying, that's also involved.

12 Southern Living at Home Christmas Memories Collection Holiday Mugs $6 each ($72)

12 Southern Living at Home Gail Pittman Banded Dinner Plate – Provence $8 each ($96)

So... you know. If someone actually does want to buy them, it's first come, first serve. If nobody does, I'll take 'em to eBay.

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