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Let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Quinlan, who is awesome. He's Irish, and used to be a monk, but now he's married and has kid(s? not sure), and got his degree in Southern literature, and just emailed me back and said he'd give me the handout and let me turn the Heaney two-pager in next Monday, because he is awesome. Just so you know.

Although I still don't understand how we're on "Day 11" on the syllabus and not "Day 10" (see where the lack of dates was confusing me?).

So now, because Dr. Quinlan is awesome--holy shit, why are Sheridan and Luis in a Hansel and Gretel fantasy sequence with Beth as the witch... from the Wizard of Oz? Seriously, how much money did they splash out on that? Sorry, watching Passions--I get to catch up on my sleep, since I lay bolt awake staring at the ceiling until four o'clock last night, and I get to update the Digest, and I get a head start on the Larkin packet for Wednesday (which I just have to turn in--the presentation is for the next week), and I have a week to figure out what the hell some of those Heaney poems were about. They're not all as straightforward as "Digging," it appears. Did I mention Dr. Quinlan is awesome? Because he is.

Crap, I keep almost-forgetting: I have to register for spring classes online at 3pm. It's no big, except that I have to hit the "register" button at the stroke of three to get into some of these--thank God I'm a grad. Of course, if I didn't, I'd just go around and beg professors and get sigs until I did, and fortunately since I know both the workshop professors this time, we won't have a repeat of the unfortunate incident that began the semester ("I'm sorry, if you haven't had the previous class, you're not qualified. Get out." Suffice it to say the professor wasn't aware of the different requirements for grad students, and I ended up getting an email of apology).

(Dude, they're back to the Hansel and Gretel fantasy. This is too trippy, even for Passions.)

Speaking of Hansel and Gretel, here's what I'm taking: Fiction Writing Workshop (again), with the same professor as this time; Children's Literature Workshop, with my poetry professor; and some 600-level seminar to knock out another requirement. You know, I haven't taken much American lit; maybe I'll take that seminar. I could take Beowulf (I hear Vladimir screaming at me from another continent right now, TAKE IT! TAKE IT!!!), but then I'd have two 2-1/2 hour classes in one night, and--no. I'm getting my creative writing MA, in case you can't tell. Not that this is terribly marketable, but I was a Spanish major/French minor in undergrad, which was lovely and gave me a nice linguistics background, and I still do a little Spanish translating for my stepfather's company here and there, but by the time I was done I was determined to get a degree in something I actually wanted to do.

(How can Hansel and Gretel have a baby? Aren't they siblings? And how much did it cost Passions to get rip-off Wizard of Oz music? And why does the Beth actress have Meg Ryan fish lips--heeeee, Beth's mother is a giant chicken. That's awesome.)

So. Ought to get to work, then. Extreeemely anxious about my Black Ribbon workshop tomorrow night, because they're going to hate it. When I workshopped the first chapter, half the class was vocal (they mostly liked it, but had constructive things to point out, things they didn't understand and needed clarified, etc.), but the other half just stared sullenly. Not looking forward to Workshop 2: Electric Boogaloo. And my poor Lucky Dog is getting multiple lime baths today for his fungus. Poor baby. I miss my dog.
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