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Okay, I don't know what's wrong with Radio KLEO, but right after the "She Bang" debacle of yesterday, it tried to play songs by both Ted Nugent and Randy Savage. Yes, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I didn't even know "Macho Man" Randy Savage had an album. I guess KLEO saw that metaquote and got offended...

Sadly, I ended up working on Black Ribbon... volume 2 last night. Of course, that has a huge impact on how I end volume one, because it doesn't so much "end" as "come to a breather stop before volume two." But because of a new character I came up with for V2, it looks like I'm going to have to push the V2 plot over to V4 (which is good, as it needed a good strong plot, and this plot will do much better over there at the end) and come up with a whole new plot to accomodate this character (name's Bijou, if that helps any). Which is fine, because V2 was ending way too much like V1 and this new character really makes more of the Paris setting, and it gives me time to develop the villains more. More resonance by V4 and all that. So now that I've gotten that little plot itch off my back, I'm going back to work on chapters 4 and 5 in V1.

I'm sure that didn't make sense to anyone but me.

Oh, and I totally forgot to address a couple of comments about my choice of music last week. I actually don't know much about Loreena McKennitt--I really liked "The Mystic's Dream" as it was used in Mists of Avalon, and so I gave it a high rating on KLEO. Launchcast then started playing more of her stuff--"The Mummer's Dance" sounds really similar, but (or so?) I liked it. I don't know much else of her work, so I rated a couple of her albums highly so they'd get tossed into rotation. Any song recommendations?

P.S. The sketch wank is still going at FW. It's up to something over 1400 comments now, last time I checked. I think the previous record was 800 something. Meanwhile, I'm pining for a copy of Photoshop. I think my stepfather said he got it with his copy of XP (Office/Professional whatever--I only got Home). Maybe I can snaffle it from him, and actually get some clear text on my icons.
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