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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Just checking in

I have tickets to Midnight Harry Potter! The Lovely Emily and I have done this for years now--maybe since Prisoner of Azkaban; certainly since Goblet of Fire, I can't remember. (I think GOF was the one where she nearly killed some photo-with-flash-taking kids in the row in front of us. With her knitting needles. And if she was knitting, it was probably November--rather than, say, summer--which would make it Goblet of Fire. Meeeeemorieeeeees...)

Got three tiny packages in the mail, one of them addressed to "Anna Dollerious." You are all very, very strange people, and I love you.

(What was in one of them:)

(Actually, I think Anna's package may have saved my ass, because it'll give me a better way to keep her "onstage," as it were, even though I will have to keep the contents secret for a while. There's only so many balls I can juggle at once, people.)

(Also, and I am telling you just this so you'll keep an eye out for it, next week we will have a Very Important, Long-Awaited Shelfian Event. It won't be tomorrow's entry, but rather, the installment after that one.)

More jaw-clenching. Lovely. Also, with all the drizzliness, I think it may be time to test out that full-spectrum lamp. Except that by the time I decided this, it got sunny again. Go me.

As for my hair--I'm not saying it's completely healed or anything. I mean, hair is not a living thing; you can't really "repair" it. I was thinking more in terms of the beauty equivalent of, say, fabric softener--something to help the tangles and the breakage before it got any worse. So, first thing I did was immediately quit using Pantene products--I know they work for some people, but the sheer number of PANTENE IS THE DEVIL responses I got made me go, "Hey, you know what? This might be the problem." There was some Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner in the cabinet, left over from a long while back (it was probably my sister's), so I switched over to that, and there was an immediate improvement. I don't know if I want to stick with that, though--I'm looking into some Burt's Bees stuff, just because they don't use the sulfawhos and the pthalawhats. (Which can also be said of Lush, but I don't have that kind of money right now.) I did pick up their shea butter conditioning treatment at Wal-mart--it also has coconut oil and about six different citrus oils, and I'm telling you, my hair soaked that up so desperately that there almost wasn't anything to rinse out. I'd like to try their moisturizing shampoo (I think it's the raspberry one?), but that's the one no one ever seems to carry. (I know, I know, just order it from the site.) I'm also going to try some straight-up olive oil eventually, except that right now I don't feel like sitting around with Saran Wrap and a towel on my head.

And finally: Ice Cream Deathmatch is still under way!

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There's only so many balls I can juggle at once, people.



(Deleted comment)
I got my midnight HP tickets too! And I couldn't be more excited. And, oddly enough, I've been doing it since PofA too. Yay for midnight fun!

Very Important, Long-Awaited Shelfian Event

Gasp! Is it Alice? Why she'll sort those Cullen boys!

Is it Tonner Bella? Why Big Edward will forget he ever saw Little Bella (who will then become like triple insecure).

Is it Luna Lovegood? Why her epic crazy will steal everyone's hearts!

Is it ...string?

String? Probably the most epic thing in the world.

That's about all we have in town is the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so of course I prefer the other.

Long-time reader, not-oft commenter. I just found an artist on Deviantart that does doll re-paints, which are amazing. You may enjoy them too, if you haven't already seen them! Here's his re-interpretation of Tonner's Edward Cullen, and he's done others with PotC dolls and so on.

Yeah, I've always liked his Elizabeth repaint(s).

You should try the olive oil shampoo and/or conditioner from The Body Shop. It makes my hair soft, shiny and very managable but it is a lil on the pricier side.

Also, do you alternate hair products or just use one brand all the time? I read somewhere that switching up products is better for your hair. Works for me! :]

Same here. I stick with the same manufacturer [I've found L'Oreal does AMAZING things for my hair], but I keep the Really Expensive stuff [Expert Serie Vitamino Color in the giant bottles you can only get at salons], and I also keep the drugstore stuff, like the extra moisturizing and extra glossy version of the L'Oreal Vive Pro shampoo/conditioner. I've found switching it up between the two, with the Kerastase (also produced by the L'Oreal parents company) treatment in the greenish bottle weekly, leaves my hair really healthy, shiney, and happy =)

This is, of course, granted that I have very thick, very full heavy hair that you could probably use to sew with =P I tend to use heavier products because of that.

Not to enable or anything...but you can get Lush solid shampoo on eBay for half of regular price. *cough* Not that I'd buy it there or anything (the Blonde shampoo has *saved* my golden hair - seriously. $9.....:grin:) I haven't tried the conditioner yet....I'm still thinking on it.

Also, coconut oil from the baking aisle has really saved my ends. Cheaper (in some stores) than the stuff on the hair aisle.

Coconut oil? So what do you do? Just put it on the ends and wait a while and then wash it out, or do you have to do more to it? Cover it up for a bit? I need some help for my ends!

Thanks in advance! :)

Also, it's usually a pretty good idea to change your shampoo/conditioners every six months or so. If you've been using the same brand for years, you'll probably notice an immediate improvement no matter what you use. I find switching back and forth between summer/winter does wonders for me. I usually stick to mosturizing/no frizz for the winters and cleansing/full body forumlas for the summer. Not that I think those forumlas actually CHANGE much, but it makes ME feel better. ;)


There's also the great old standby of rinsing your hair with stale beer. Trust me, it works wonders. Also, washing your hair with dish liquid to completely strip it down and then doing a really good conditioning treatment helps, too. I have really thick hair that wants to be curly so bad, it frizzes and breaks off if you look at it wrong. Back when I actually cared how it looked, these treatments saved it.

*edited for a better icon.

Edited at 2009-07-09 07:51 pm (UTC)

Seconding tygress that it helps to switch up your formulas every few months, but I've been getting good results from Herbal Essence's Hydralicious featherweight shampoo-- I also use this on my ferret and it makes both of our hair SUPER SOFT AND SHINY. I'm also a Garnier Fructis fan. My hair's very fine, very oily, and wavy, so it's definitely fusspot hair.

I put my money into my conditioner-- honestly, shampoo is on your hair for a few seconds and it's only supposed to clean it, conditioner is where the results are. I like Matrix's Color.Smart intensive masque, which I use about three times a week alternated with a slightly less expensive conditioner.

Sorry. I could talk about hair and skin and cosmetic products FOREVER.

I don't know how much pocket change you're willing to shell out on your hair, but if your wal-mart has a salon, they probably sell Redken products there -- I blow dry and flat iron my hair which is obviously horrible for it, and I use all Redken products - specifically the super-soft brand (it's in a gold bottle) and the heat-glide stuff for styling. It's seriously MIRACULOUS.

It's a tad more on the expensive side, but like I said - if you pick it up at Wal-Mart (CVS will occasionally have it too) then it's usually less than if you bought it at a more upscale salon.

I use Burts Bees and like it. It's a little expensive, and losing the whatsits means it doesn't foam as much as you'd like it too, but my hair is nice!

(I tried no 'poo for a while, but my hair was just so greasy!)

Five days. <3

Your hair sounds like mine; very, very finicky. XD I can't tell you how many products I've tried. It doesn't help that I have thick, wavy, loooong Jew hair.

Now that you mention it, I've been using Pantene conditioner for years. Just recently I accidently got the wrong thing (Garnier Fructis conditioner instead of Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner) and it works a hell of a lot better than the Pantene conditioner. I washed my hair three days ago and it still feels the way it did right after it had dried. O:

Anyway, glad to hear that your's is doing better. :D

Loreal's Sulfate-free line is probably cheaper than Burt's Bees, and if you get the "moisture" one it's very moisturizing. Plus it has like sunscreen for hair in it. It can be hard to find in stores, though, they usually put it in a weird spot!

I always loved what the VO5 Hot Oil treatments did for my hair when it was long and damaged...pretty dang cheap too. Haven't looked in a while, so I don't know if they even sell it anymore?

They do indeed! One of my college roomies used it, and I saw it at the store recently when I was making my periodic "what's new in haircare" sweep =P I'm a maven, I can't help it.

If you want to use Lush products without having to spend too much, I'd recommend getting one of the 3.3 oz. bottles of their conditioners. I started doing that once I realized that I never used up a bigger bottle of conditioner. It's still $8, but you'll use all of it before it goes bad and it doesn't have the nasty chemicals.

eta: Also! If you're looking for a weekly, deep-conditioner sort of thing, I just got the Aussie 3 Minute Deeeeeeep Conditioner and it worked nicely on my hair. It didn't do much to help my nasty ends (a haircut to get rid of all the dead hair was what was needed) but everything else felt gloriously soft.

Edited at 2009-07-09 08:23 pm (UTC)

I completely forgot about the Aussie stuff! I used to use it years ago when I had really long (like almost to my waist) hair. I used it every day, cause I blow-dry, and my superfine hair? Like silk, I'm telling you. I still dry and now I flatiron too, so now I want to go find some again!