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Just checking in


I have tickets to Midnight Harry Potter! The Lovely Emily and I have done this for years now--maybe since Prisoner of Azkaban; certainly since Goblet of Fire, I can't remember. (I think GOF was the one where she nearly killed some photo-with-flash-taking kids in the row in front of us. With her knitting needles. And if she was knitting, it was probably November--rather than, say, summer--which would make it Goblet of Fire. Meeeeemorieeeeees...)

Got three tiny packages in the mail, one of them addressed to "Anna Dollerious." You are all very, very strange people, and I love you.

(What was in one of them:)

(Actually, I think Anna's package may have saved my ass, because it'll give me a better way to keep her "onstage," as it were, even though I will have to keep the contents secret for a while. There's only so many balls I can juggle at once, people.)

(Also, and I am telling you just this so you'll keep an eye out for it, next week we will have a Very Important, Long-Awaited Shelfian Event. It won't be tomorrow's entry, but rather, the installment after that one.)

More jaw-clenching. Lovely. Also, with all the drizzliness, I think it may be time to test out that full-spectrum lamp. Except that by the time I decided this, it got sunny again. Go me.

As for my hair--I'm not saying it's completely healed or anything. I mean, hair is not a living thing; you can't really "repair" it. I was thinking more in terms of the beauty equivalent of, say, fabric softener--something to help the tangles and the breakage before it got any worse. So, first thing I did was Read more...Collapse )

And finally: Ice Cream Deathmatch is still under way!

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