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Okay, so: the mania was getting so unpleasant (and let me repeat, it was a physical sense of being overcaffeinated; I was otherwise completely calm and non-crazy) that I broke down and started my new, slightly higher dose of Lamictal. Things seem to be gradually calming down. Of course, side effects include back pain and stomach upset (both of which have already set in), so that's fantastic.

Also, I got three packages in the mail today and I have no idea who they're from, and thus no way to contact anyone, thank them (thank you!) and let them know that things arrived. So: 1) witch hazel/rose toner, received; 2) Neutrogena conditioner, received; 3) soap and conditioner mask from Lush, received. (Again, thank you!)

Still truckin' in the Comedy Mines. Might be done with things this weekend, I don't know.

Meanwhile: two-part video of the New Moon panel; the best, snarkiest writeup I've seen ("I can’t wait to take part in the Caesarian"); leaked clips, get 'em while they're hot. (Summit's taking them down as they find them, so I won't be able to repost them if they go down. Short version: Ghostly Edward appears, Bella wipes out on a bike, BLATANT JACOB FAN SERVICE; yellow Porsche, Bella runs, 6000 women scream at Shirtless Edward. As McRachel and I were discussing, it's like porno for pre-teens.) (Also, God bless Chris Weitz, I am totally in platonic unscary movie-fan love with him.)

Also-also: Tonner Edward's "Hungry" double (via annlarimer); The Sparkenpire in the wild. Maybe I'll get one as a chew toy for the Ellowynes for Christmas.

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