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Hm. A couple of 15M-related things today:

1) I got a comment on the HBP parody itself that was deleted before I had a chance to answer it (remember, all comments--and edits to those comments--go to my email), and it was:

What was the last movie you really enjoyed watching in theaters?
the ugly truth :')

I'm not sure how tongue-in-cheek the question was intended to be, but for the record--I pretty much enjoy everything on some level or other--I love Van Helsing, for God's sake, and even The Happening was entertainingly awful. But then, my enjoyment is not restricted only to movies that are actually good (neither of those were). And I don't get out to see as many movies in the theater as I'd like, so I generally don't go unless I'm absolutely sure I want to see it (and sometimes I don't get to go even then). So this year, I've enjoyed every single movie I saw (and thought all of them were genuinely good): Coraline, Watchmen, Star Trek (twice), Up (twice), and now Half-Blood Prince. (Maybe I saw something else? If I did, I don't remember.)

The thing is, I'm not going to waste, on average, 5000 words (HBP clocked in at a very tight 3900, of which I am extremely proud) on something I did not feel any enjoyment for. Yeah, it's easier if the movie is bad, but it's also easier for me if it's a fantasy/sci-fi movie or something historical with swords, because they usually stumble over the same tropes every time. I did Lord of the Rings, for God's sake, and that's one of my top favorites (the three taken as a whole) ever. It's really not dependent on quality at all. So the idea that I sit down in a theater with the intention of grousing through everything I see is... mistaken, to say the least.

2) Here's what happens when you post the Breaking Dawn recaps in late August and a Fifteen Minutes in November, get a whole ton of new readers, but then drastically reduce your posting frequency due to depression: Visual aids!Collapse )

ETA: Just coming in over the wire, supposed pics of the Volturi in New Moon.

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