Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Compocalypse '09: The Shoppening

Okay, people: I have decided to definitely buy an external (a one-terabyte MyBook, as recommended by the salesguy, and I might even splurge for the 2TB instead), cart my two dead hard drives over (one of them is the computer PREVIOUS to this one; I never did get all my files off) to Best Buy and have THEM transfer the files rather than me screw up my current computer any worse. THEY can initiate the recovery process if they want, IDGAF.

I'm also going to get an uninterrupted power source thingy, but all in good time. I mean, not that I like tossing around money like this, but there's no point in blowing money on a computer if it could get killed the next time we have a thunderstorm (which should be... oh... about five minutes from now).

Here's the thing: my sister's boyfriend warned me in April that my hard drive was "slowly dying." (We will discuss what a dumbass I am for not taking adequate precautions later.) I am pretty sure this computer is done for; all we're doing right now is looting the corpse. I'm going to need a new one. I don't have the money this red hot second, but my mother will front it. It hurts me in the thriftal plexus, but what're you gonna do.

So. I started looking at computers at Best Buy and kind of liked a Gateway (model SX2800-01) and got home with the specs and Sister Girl was like NO NO NO DON'T EVER BUY STRAIGHT OUT OF THE STORE HAVE THEM CUSTOMIZE IT FOR YOU OMFG. ALSO GATEWAY NO. I was like, "Well, my last two Dells DIED," but she pointed out that I had them for about five years each, and why did they die? One got hit by a horrific virus (not Dell's fault), and something happened to this last one but we're not sure what, after five years of me cramming God knows what onto it, and also, it gave up the ghost on Saturday after two power outages in short succession. So: in that light, we might view Dells as pretty hardy, I don't know.


So. Here's my thing: I want lots of storage, but let's be realistic: if you've got one or more terabytes of external storage sitting around, you don't need to be a huge size queen about what's on your primary drive (although I tend to be). What I really want is a LOT of memory, and this quad-core processor I hear about... that's hot. I mean, no, I don't play video games, but I tend to multitask like whoa with programs that eat a lot of memory (TWEETDECK, I'M LOOKING AT YOU). I want a computer that will do things I haven't even told it to do yet. Besides, I figure that the tech improves so quickly that you have to buy more than you need just to keep up (five years ago, I was informed that my new 150GB drive was ridiculously oversized). I would like to pay $500 or less for all of this. I also want a money tree, a cabana boy and a pony, and I think we know what the odds of any of that happening are. So basically, I want someone to just come in and wave their hand and make this happen and I will find a way to pay for it, because "you get what you pay for," as my sister has been saying this whole time. Yes, I should have someone around here build it. No, I don't know who. Yes, there are friends of friends of my sister's who probably can do it. All I know is, this whole thing has reduced me to a jellified pile of flail and all I want is to wake up in the morning and find that elves came in the night and MADE IT BETTER.

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