Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Compocalypse '09: The Pricening

Imagine you manage a coven of baseball-playing vampires. The Cullen family is really strong this year and you want to bring in a ringer. Which currently active MLB baseball player do you sire?

Are you for real. What. Honestly.


1. Carpet cleaner people have just left--our two stairs were filthy and hard to clean ourselves (we did everything else with our own much-abused steam cleaner). If we can just get through the next four days of Family Reunion Preparation--it's been going on full-steam for three weeks now--without killing each other, I will consider it a victory.

2. FAMILY REUNION EVACUATION PLANS IN PLACE. It's my stepfather's family--about 30 of them--and God bless them all, I've never met any of them. Well, my stepbrother and his immediate crew. I don't think they're going to miss me if I escape. WHICH I WILL. How badly I wanted to have Other Plans: I OFFERED TO GO SEE GI JOE.

3. Compocalypse '09: Going back to price an Asus 6GB/RAM drive. (Asus: the one brand NOBODY hated. Apparently their motherboards are excellent. WINNAR!) Basic question: "Okay, what's NOT on it?" Because I don't think anyone's including Microsoft Office in their price packages, the assholes. Apparently I'm expected to write my novel in .txt files or Microsoft Paint or something.

4. My mother is hilariously enthusiastic about the whole process, although she suffers a bit from not knowing anything about computers, which means that Making Things Happen OMFG is not as easy for her as usual. I'm just kind of numb and apathetic over here, like, "Whatever. New computer. I don't know. Betsy 2.0 is DEAD, okay? BETSY'S DEAD." She's all like, "OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A COMPUTER. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE. THIS COMPUTER IS YOUR LIFE." Yeah... thanks for reminding me.

5. The chair in the office ("office") downstairs is killing my hip. I mean, it seems comfortable enough at the time, but afterwards, I feel like I have a pinched nerve.

6. I just really want to sleep right now.

7. ETA: Your collective recommendation to go with Open Office will be considered.

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