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Compocalypse '09: The Repricening

If you are a salesguy at the Best Buy off 280 (Birmingham) who looks a touch like James McAvoy and helped a girl in a red v-neck who charged in and dragged you all around the store chattering away about what "people on the internet" told her about various computer brands:

Hi... sorry about that?

So... yeah. Apparently my will to deal with life returned. I marched in there with my printed-out specs ("I WANT THIS ONE. WHERE IS THIS ONE. HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THIS ONE") and my carefully prepared questions ("OKAY SO WHAT DOES IT NOT COME WITH") and my Microsoft Office XP disk ("CAN I PUT THIS ON A COMPUTER RUNNING VISTA BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR IT AGAIN I THINK THAT IS REALLY STUPID I MEAN WHO WANTS TO DO THAT") and trooped through the store asking about service agreements and externals and UPSes and headsets (for podcasting!) with the intent of finding out how bad the total damage will be when I go yet again, tomorrow, third day in a row, and actually make purchases. I mean, yes, I went to, but apparently the Best Buy price ($509) is as good as anyone else's, and yes, I am buying it off the shelf, and yes, someone somewhere probably could build this and transfer my data more cheaply, but you know what? I will PAY THE STORE to MAKE MY LIFE BETTER at this point. I DO NOT CARE. MAKE THIS COMPUTER-NOT-HAVING GO AWAY.

(Salesguy also said, "Yeah... I have a Gateway. DO NOT EVER GET A GATEWAY," which made me laugh.)

So basically, I'm getting the Asus. And don't bother trying to talk me out of it, because she already has a name.


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