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Compocalypse '09: I AM SO OVER THIS

You are not going to BELIEVE this. I take Camille 1.2 out of the box. It does exactly what Camille 1.1 did--that is to say, went to a BIOS/DOS screen and then eventually went black. I was actually prepared for this, because my life just sucks this bad; I figured I'd call ASUS and have them tell me some incredibly simple solution.

The ASUS guy walks me through booting the computer back up. It does exactly the same thing. We're sitting there in front of a black screen and he says, "It'll go to the BIOS screen every time you boot up. Sometimes it just takes a while to get to the OS."

"Yeah," I say. "I sat here and waited on it for a pretty long time, listened to a CD" (that would be U2's Achtung Baby, because everything else is ON MY OLD COMPUTER) "and... it just never came back. Technically, this is the second ASUS in a row, in the last 24 hours, that has done this to me. Oh, and I put the support CD in, and nothing happened with that, either."

We wait.

"It... still hasn't come back?"

"Nope. Still black. You want me to reboot again?" And then I look at the front of the computer. The power button is actually about the size of a silver dollar with a bluish light behind it. I mean, when it's on. "The computer's not on anymore," I say.

"It... it just shut itself down?"


I hold the power button down. It doesn't come back on.

"You want me to flip the power switch in the back?"

"Yeah!" he says cheerfully--clearly! this is what happened! somehow the power switch got turned off! back there! SOMEHOW!

Yeah, no. I flip the power switch off and back on, because it was always on, because it hadn't magically switched itself off.

I press the power button again. I hold it down for a long time.

The computer doesn't come back on.

"Well, I... I have never seen this before," he says.

He kind of sits there stunned for a moment.

"So... I'm gonna go back to Best Buy and get a refund, I think."

"Yeah... you should probably do that."

Here's the thing, though: I refuse to believe that I got two lemons in a row. I just cannot believe that. I'd just call it a day and exchange it for a fucking Dell, but the odds don't support the problem being on Best Buy or ASUS's end at this point. Betsy 2.0's death came after two power outages in a five-minute span; maybe the storm killed that particular outlet? (As my mother just suggested... maybe Betsy is not dead at all. I mean, I was told she was dying slowly anyway, so I needed to back her up and replace her, but if I plugged her into a different outlet... maybe she would not be really most sincerely dead. Yet.) So I'm going to hook my power strip/surge protector (with the monitor and computer plugged into that) into an extension cord and go around the house trying different outlets to see if maybe the problem's specific to my room and whether we will need to get an electrician out here, which we probably will just because my life sucks that bad.

Failing that: Geek Squad. Who I have heard are not necessarily the best-trained sandwiches in the picnic basket, but you know what? We paid $150 for a three-year service contract and by GOD someone is going to come out here and explain what the fuck is going on. Either way, no matter who comes to call on me and Camille, I'm going to have to clean the living hell out of my room. You know, one of those nice, exhausting panic cleanings where you just start throwing shit into closets.

Also, the support CD is still stuck in the drive. Allegedly there's an eject button to get it out, but I don't see one.

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