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Because people wanted to see

I'm not used to this scanner, so it's neither as big nor as dark as it should be. (Note: I do actually write lowercase T's--as in the word "printing"--but the scanner doesn't seem to be picking them up.) But (click to enlarge):


Mechanical pencil on white printer paper--

This is what my "nice" "printing" looks like. I used to have a separate "cursive" hand, but now they're just totally blended together. Notice the weird shortcut that I use for the -ing combination. Also, at some point, I just became incapable of writing a lowercase D in the middle of a word. Well, mostly.

This is what my printed italics look like, as one would use for emphasis in the middle of a printed sentence.

This is what my messy note-taking handwriting looks like. Most of my handwritten drafts look like this.

This is my real (first name) signature--Lauren.


No, I am somehow not a doctor.

This is what my pen name signature looks like, which I probably shouldn't give you in easily-abusable image format, but it's not like someone couldn't scan in one of the books I've signed, so--

there's not always a curl on the C --> [Cleolinda Jones] <-- sometimes I put a loop on the J

You can tell I'm not used to signing this because some of the letters are actually distinct.

(No, I did not use a line guide. My lines are somehow always this straight.)

There is also probably something to be said from a handwriting analysis POV about the fact that I sign w/ large, flourishing initial letters and then get lazy. Maybe that I'm a big-picture person, or that I have a big ego, or that I start projects w/ enthusiasm but rarely finish. All of these things are probably true.

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