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Guess what iHave?

A few things:

1) "Behold the sparklecock" was my 3000th entry on LJ. Of course it was.

2) Yes, I also saw the shower curtain.

3) We did buy a new dishwasher.

4) It will be here... in three weeks. Yaaaaay.

5) The electricians are now coming early next week so I have time to move all the furniture (ugh) and clean out behind it (UGH).

6) I went to the Dell site and mentally (MENTALLY) spent about $1500 on the laptop of my dreams (plus crazy amounts of warranty/service plans), so I'm thinking I may put that purchase off until I've actually sold a project (I am a big believer in going hard or going home, especially if I intend this computer to last the way the other two did). What I'd like to do is get the first three chapters of the first Black Ribbon book put together as a proposal over the next couple of weeks--I swore I'd try to avoid writing on a deadline ever again (as in, let me sell you the project and THEN finish it), but: moneys. And there's a short story or two I could finish as well. So there's that. If I have to work on the family computer all night after everyone's in bed, that would be... pretty much the least impressive "hardship" ever. I can hack that.

7) I got an iPhone, bitches! Yeah... I tried the rice thing everyone suggested, and... I don't know how long I was supposed to do that, but... yeah. Wash/rinse/spin cycle, and then a while in the dryer on high. My phone was about six years old anyway, so we went to the AT&T store to see if they'd let me upgrade now instead of in November when my contract is up, and they... magically had no problem with this. If I'd gotten a normal phone, it would have been two or three hundred dollars, I don't know--but because they're apparently trying to sell off their old stock of "lesser" iPhones, I upgraded to a 3G for $99. I mean, I bought a protection plan and a purple and pink CandyShell case for it, but... that was it, $99.

Yeah, so... I'm still figuring out how all it works.

8) What are your favorite (FREE) apps? So far I've gotten Google, Wikipedia, and TwitterFon; I hear that Shazam is also good. I just haven't sat down and browsed the hell out of everything yet. Anything I should look for?

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