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Quick Days recap

Busy with critiquing children's manuscripts for class tonight, and--okay, I admit it. I'm also a bit busy with the FW metaquotes--we're on 13 entries and 15 pages of comments, and I'm still not caught up yet. Seriously, over 3300 comments last time I looked, and still going. At one point the wankee herself showed up and tried to join in with a banner that read "Proud to Be the Name of the Biggest Wank Ever," at which point a dogpile spontaneously formed to inform her that, while usually being goodnatured and joining in would be a sign of good character, FWers generally want nothing to do with someone who sells fakes and rips people off and keeps wanking on and on and on and refusing to admit any sort of guilt in the face of Everest-sized evidence. That's page... ten, I think?

(On Radio KLEO, the following song just popped up: "Sex," Deborah Gibson. That shit ain't right, yo.)

So. Days of Our Lives. It was focused on a ton of Possessed Marlena flashbacks--mostly John wrestling with Possessed Marlena and Marlena speaking with a male Satan voice. Like, seriously, the Tim Curry character in Legend? Darkness or whatever his name was? Mentally dub his voice in every time Marlena opens her mouth, and you've about got it.

Belle and Shawn: Leaving town. Whine. Leaving town. Whine. Not leaving town. Whine. Maybe leaving town? Whine.

Not!Tuscany: Everyone gathers for the least appropriate funeral luncheon ever. Bonnie is testing out a new chef whose cuisine is too spicy for "the cityfolk." She fires him on the spot, which has nothing to do with anything, but is still hilarious. Julie shrieks.

Lucas finds Sami unconscious in her apartment. Kate, who is with him: "Great! She's dead." We have a flashback to something that actually has not happened on the show, but happened earlier that morning and they just didn't want to show it until now: A really assy report shows up at Sami's door while she's in her Pajamas of Depression and wants to know if she has any "tips on going to Death Row" for her mother. Sami freaks out and slams the door in his face. For once, I am with her on this one. And Lucas is there, and then he's not, and then he's there, and and then maybe he left, and then he comes back with Kate, and it's all very confusing. Kate and Sami start screaming at each other. While Sami excuses herself for a moment--to get dressed? I forget why--Kate tells Lucas that this is the perfect opportunity to snag full custody of Will. Lucas is outraged. Sami overhears this, but only the Kate part and not the Lucas part, and throws them both out. And then she starts drinking.

We find out that John's plan is to take Marlena to Father Whatsisname and see if she's been possessed again. She's cuffed to a wheelchair again and off they go. This time, the cop on duty calls Bo directly, and the entire Brady family--Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle, if you want to count her--exit Not!Tuscany. The cop on duty does not, however, actually make a move to stop John and Marlena. All of this follows about five hours of Possessed Marlena flashbacks, and a dream sequence in which Marlena is possessed again and projectile-vomits all over John à la The Exorcist, and then flies over to him and throttles him to death and floats above him laughing, "Bye! Bye bye! Bye! Byyyye!" for ten solid minutes as she morphs into a demon crone. (Seriously. He's dead, you're evil, I get it.)

Crazy Jan, Nicole, and Brady are MIA today.

The previews suggest that Marlena really IS possessed, and Will comes in to break up his parents shrieking at each other. Dammit, we're not going down the possession road again, are we? I thought they promised us something that had never been done on daytime television, not something that was totally totally done on this very same show just a few years ago.

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