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Internets, can I tell you how much cleaning sucks? Because it SUUUUUCKS. The reason for this particular panic of cleaning is that the electricians are coming to check and/or replace my electrical sockets today (so that I won't fry my new computer, whenever I order it), and not only did I have to clean out just for them to get into the room, I then realized that there are outlets behind my bed, dresser, and TV cabinet, so I had to clean enough behind/around them so that people stronger than I am can move them and reveal the dustbunny horrors beneath, but there it is. (I do begin to understand why my allergies are so bad, though.) Everything had to be moved, drawers had to be emptied, apparently I have enough DVDs to stock a small video store, so on and so forth. Internets, I am tired.

Meanwhile, my favorite new iPhone app is the Goddess Tarot--one of my favorite decks for artwork anyway--and you can use it to do a one-card... draw... oracle... thing... whatever. I tend to ask (mentally), "What do I need to know for today?," and this is what I got just now:

The Nine of Staves presents a portrait of total exhaustion. It feels like completion is close, yet so far away! The lesson offered by this card is one of patience--though success is close at hand, we need to rest first.


(As a side note, Brian Froud's Faerie Oracle deck, which you can actually use online, is one of my favorites in terms of the way the cards actually resonate with me. The icon up there is from the Faeries artwork as well.)

Also, I drafted another (very) short story last night, but typing that up will have to wait, because: electricians.

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