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I wish I had something interesting to say but I don't because I'm tired and I don't really know why. Who knows. Nine of Staves, total exhaustion, whatever.

(I also decided that, since the dresser had been pulled out from the wall, we should steam the carpet where it had been because when are we going to get back there again? Never, that's when. So I'm waiting on that stretch of carpet to dry before I put my room back together.)

Meanwhile, fading_october has an iPod question:
A couple of months ago, I started it and everything had disappeared off of it. When I went back to sync it, it came up with an unknown error of -69. I've gone to the apple website for help and have done everything listed and it still gives me the same error. I've changed computers, files, version of itunes, I tried using other music programs, I've restored, formatted and even let the battery drain to nothing. It even sat in recovery mode for as long as I can remember.

I bought it in mid 07, it died mid 08. I've taken it to the place where I bought it and they do not repair them, the closest I have to a repair gouges like crazy and at the time I do not have the money to go try geek squad (not like I would after all that I've read about them.) So I'm wondering if anyone has any further tips or if it's just time to get a newish one?

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