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So I don't even know how to start this or end this. It just is.

My stepfamily came to dinner Saturday night, as planned for a couple of weeks now. Then, the night before, someone close to my stepbrother died very suddenly--he was a football coach who died at halftime in the middle of the season's first game. Very small town, everyone very close. My sister-in-law in particular was a wreck over it (she grew up there, was close to everyone). So we tried to distract them the best we could, since that seems to be what they wanted, a nice cookout and to talk about it a little bit but then think about something else, so we started trading iPhones and looking at everyone's apps and recommending others, and then the younger child, my stepniece, cheerfully looks up from her hamburger and yells, "SOMEBODY DIED AT THE FOOTBALL GAME!"

My sister's car had some damage--she hit a suicidal raccoon dashing across the road right as she approached--and finally things sounded so weird that she took the car in this morning to see what was wrong. $1300, that's what was wrong.

My grandmother's heat pump (HEAT, H-E-A-T, not heart. Jesus, don't give August any ideas) is leaking water, I don't even know.

Our pipes are really crappy because--and don't get me wrong, I love this house, I adore this house, a bathroom mostly to myself and all the wonderful closets I never had as a kid--the developer skimped on EVERYTHING, and now a toilet's backed up and I've been standing in eight inches of water every time I take a shower because the pipes are so clogged no matter how many times I pour half a gallon of Pipe-Safe Liquid Plumo-DranR-Whatever, and we haven't had Evans out yet to fix it because seriously, who has the time or money right now? We're just trying to put out the fires as they happen, so to speak. Well, I think the pipes are on fire now. So I spent half the afternoon scrubbing.

There's other stuff and I don't even want to get into it at this point.

Mostly, I'm just scared that maybe all of this isn't August's "fault," so to speak, and that September's going to roll around tomorrow and it's just going to keep going.

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