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Checking in (again)

The computer wasn't free until about an hour ago, so I haven't worked today, but I worked my ASS off Thursday and Friday. And it was a good... ass off? See, my Brilliant Shower Idea was--you remember this cockamamie "annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes" idea I had? Basically, take the ones that are online (or some of them) and put in footnotes, kind of like a writer's commentary/extra snark/occasionally a little lit/film criticism/discussion/whatever? (Also: stories about my mother, because I know you love those.) And I wanted to do this to pay off the crazy bills and debt our dying appliances got us into last year? And the project's been dragging on that long? Yeah.

So I suddenly went, you know, I wanted to do ten for this e-book thing to sell with all that, but I need to have only one Harry Potter 15M rather than blow them all at once, which is a shame because they're actually pretty easy to do, and... wait.

I've got three of them online now, don't I?

Why don't I just put those three together and sell them?

I was going to do 10 annotations for $10, so here you'd do 3 for $3, that seems reasonable. (They're averaging out at 100+ notes apiece.) And instead of taking money via PayPal and emailing everyone back by hand (even as mass BCC emails it would be a nightmare), why don't I just use (I hadn't thought of it before because I hadn't realized they did e-books.) And then I can just sit back and let all of that happen on Lulu and move on with my novel-writing life and whatever money comes in, comes in, and I'll buy my laptop with it if there's enough.

I feel like this huge weight has just evaporated, and I'll tell you why: it was not physically possible to do this until Half-Blood Prince came out. (I know, COS or OOTP, but it just wasn't happening for me for some reason. Shhhh.) So this is why, on a cosmic level, it dragged on so freakin' long: because it had to happen this way. I can't tell you the guilt I've felt over not being able to finish this, not to mention stress and tension, for about a YEAR AND A HALF, and now I've got this very quick, easy solution, and I don't have to feel like the long drag was in vain. And Harry Potter is fun to write about, easy to come up with things to say about, and popular, so it's good to start with.

(For that matter, I also have three vampire-related 15Ms. We could put those out near Halloween. But that's like six weeks from now! And those three are almost completely footnoted already! There's plenty of time!)

So, you know, if you've been wondering (or even asking outright, as some folks have) if there is any way you could give me money (!), since I don't feel like I merit charity in any way, here's your opportunity. Three dollars (US $3). Probably in a week or so, I don't know. I'm playing it by ear and trying to keep it fun at the moment.

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