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Before I forget... again... (I'M SORRY DAYNA OKAY?) (omg feel better and don't go to the hospital again), the new Made of Fail podcast is up. I'm not actually on it, but they do spend the first five or ten minutes giving a recitation of the Compocalypse from The Book of Jobolinda. (Don't apologize for laughing, guys--honestly, it's the only way I've been able to cope with it.) There's also a spirited discussion of the merits of IE8 vs. Firefox ("I'm just going to have to stay in a hot browser threesome... does that make me an internet furry?"). I may be mentioned later on, but I can't remember when (the only way I was able to listen: iTunes on my iPhone, because I am now in the iCult, apparently. Hey, it's great while I'm computerless).

Oh! Wait! I am invoked about 35 minutes in as the Reason Dayna Is a Closet Twihard. "At least it doesn't have realistic belly scales! THE KIND NATIVE TO SCOTLAND." (As far as that goes? Let's just say that the dragon enthusiasts got to the Horrifying Sex Toy medium way before the Twilight entrepreneurs did. You'll have to ask the Made of Fail folks for details, because I am a lady, goddammit.)

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