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Keep reading for the new plumbing saga

Yes, there is a New Moon trailer. I have not watched it yet, but the general response I'm hearing is, "My God, there's a plot and the trailer actually looks kind of good." Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for Chris Weitz.

No, I have not been able to watch True Blood yet. IF YOU SPOIL ME, I WILL KICK YOUR ASS. Seriously, don't even discuss it in the comments. I don't even want to hear it--I'm having a hard enough time dodging spoilers on Twitter and in entertainment news headlines. And yes, I have read the books. But given that the Maryann storyline is a near-total invention and they're also mixing it up early with Sophie-Anne, all bets are kind of off at this point.

Yes, I heard about Kanye and whatever. I didn't watch the VMAs or True Blood or ANYTHING AT ALL because whatever, I don't care. It was a really bad... evening, day, whatever... yesterday. I busted out the decant of White Light again, let's put it that way. So I'm a bit tense, if not outright cranky.

The best linkspam I can manage is over at FriendFeed.

So. Furnace checkup today; all clear. We have a contract with Evans, so they checked that for free, and then two more guys followed on Furnace Guy's heels to diagnose our plumbing problems. We knew we had some toilets prone to stopping up, and you get six inches of standing water in my tub every time you take a shower (repeated applications of Liquid Plumr have gotten it down to only two. It does eventually drain out, though, so it's not, like, the SAME six inches of water). So I take them all over the house--

See, I know what y'all are going to say. Is there a jinx on the house, Indian burial ground, who did we piss off, etc. What you have to remember is, a cheap and shady developer built all the houses on this cul-de-sac about 22 years ago. I love this house to death--it's the first time I've had a decent closet of my own, not to mention a bathroom bigger than a shoebox--so don't blame the house. I love the house. I feel sorry for the house. It doesn't want to fall apart on us; it just had a really irresponsible builder (newspaper instead of insulation. For real). In addition to that, I don't know about anyone who lived here before us, but in the eight years that we've lived here, we've never had any plumbing maintenance done. So of course we're going to find a shitload of things wrong with it. (Keep in mind, we have tried to take care of these problems ourselves already.) This is not evil horrible bad luck; this is inevitable. Such problems, which add up to $1500, include:

The water pressure is too high--this is something of an emergency/priority. Some kind of valve has worn out, and the pressure is at 90 whatever instead of 60 whatever, which is why the toilets keep running, things are getting worn out, we have a weird spraying problem with the base of the kitchen faucet, etc.;

Weird spraying problem with the kitchen faucet and the right-side sink, which is a bit clogged;

Severe calcium/mineral buildups in the 20-year-old toilets, which may need to be replaced entirely--not a problem with the pipes, in other words;

My shower, obviously, which needs a good snaking (that's what she said), as well as my clogged/slow sink;

Probably a few other things--I saw the itemized list--but I am too tired to care what they are right now.

So we're having $800 worth of it done today--the high-pressure problem and my bathroom, since the "taking a shower in standing water" (which I have been doing for way too long) issue is the most pressing issue. The continued expenses (snarling flooded dishwasher, two cars with severe repair problems, all the outlets upstairs getting rewired) just don't even faze me anymore. My mother seemed to think the diagnosis would be worse, so at least there's no catastrophic shock there. I'm working as hard as I can on the Harry Potter e-book thing, although yesterday was bad and I didn't even get in the same room as the computer. And right now I'm having to stay available in case the plumbers need something (where is this or that; a minute ago they asked for a wire hanger) (insert your best Mommy Dearest impression here), so I don't really want to get down to work, get in the zone, and then have to be dragged out of it. But as for the rest of it, I'm pretty much beyond reaction at this point.

Meanwhile, I go see my psych for a quarterly med check tomorrow; she generally insists on a therapy-like hour of chat, so she can see for herself how I'm doing. Is she going to get an earful, let me tell you what.

ETA: Well, I just wrote a check for $921 (taxes added). Yow.

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