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Tribulations from Twitter

So, to recap from Monday:

@cleolinda: Diagnosis: twenty year old house, never had any plumbing repairs. Thus, $1500. $800 of it today. I just don't even bat an eyelash anymore.

But some of that $800 went towards my bathroom!

@cleolinda: It is amazing to take a shower in a tub that actually drains. Not $200 worth of amazing, but I'll take what I can get.

But then the plot thickened. Or dribbled, whichever.

@cleolinda: Aaaand the plumbers are back because our shower pressure and toilet flushing suck now.

@cleolinda: Aaaand NOW the shower pressure's nearly knocked my sister out of the bathroom.

@cleolinda: Son of a bitch! She's right, the shower HURTS!

That fixed, we moved on to Tuesday night:

@cleolinda: I HAVE HAND-WASHED MY LAST SINKFUL OF DISHES, HUZZAH! Dishwasher will arrive tomorrow!

@cleolinda: Also, Mom's at the doctor for a really severe pain her eye--eyelid? She's not sure. Waiting on dishwasher delivery in her absence.

@cleolinda: "An ulcer on her cornea"? A staph infection? Dear God.

@cleolinda: Well, at least she has not one but two sets of prescription eyedrops now.


@cleolinda: I do believe the dishwasher is installed. Our long soapy nightmare is over.

@cleolinda: - The new dishwasher...

@cleolinda: - ... is terrifying inside.

Don't get me wrong, I love it. Or I would, except that Mom doesn't want to use it. "I really just don't want to use it unless we have a lot of dishes, you know--it's stupid to just put a plate in there and let it sit when we can just wash it right then, and besides, the water's probably so hot that it'll melt the plastic plates, we should just save it for the dinner plates..." WOMAN, YOU ARE KILLING ME. It's not that washing dishes by hand is such a trial--it's washing everyone's dishes. Which is what I have been doing. My mother said something about having to wash them herself at night and I was like OKAY HOLD UP MAYBE YOU DON'T SEE THEM BECAUSE I DO WASH THEM BUT I DO AT LEAST TWO SINKFULS A DAY SO DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT THE ONE OR TWO THINGS YOU WASH AT NIGHT WHEN YOU'RE HOME BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WASHING EVERYONE'S DISHES FOR THREE WEEKS INCLUDING THE STUFF YOU LEAVE IN THERE EVERY MORNING AND I DON'T EVEN WANT TO HEAR IT. Because I'm the one who works (I'm not even sure they consider it "work") at home, and I don't want three different people to come home from a long day at wherever and face a sinkful of dirty dishes. No, it's not an "everyone wash their own" or "everyone take turns" arrangement that would be more fair, but... I feel bad, you know? Guilty, because that is my default reaction to everything. So I do all the dishes. NOW YOU HAVE A DISHWASHER. USE IT.


@cleolinda: Crappy day. Just getting to sit down to work was a win. Dryer fixed, though. Pretty much just going to bed now.

And then... today.

@cleolinda: I cannot believe I am chasing a snarling 50lb dog around the house so I can wipe his butt. This sums up my week.

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