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Odds and ends

Have updated the Newstracker after a week off for the flu (that's the movie news page at my site, the Daily Digest, which is theoretically updated daily and is, in reality...not-so-daily. Sigh). Anyway, the premise of the site (since I haven't mentioned it much before) is that I go read some fifty movie news sites and then summarize the links by category--casting, trailers, new pictures, interviews, reviews, new projects in general, DVDs, a smattering of gossip and other news, etc. I'd like to run first-hand news and scoops and such, but since I can't really compete on that level, I decided to create a site for the people around me, friends and family who like movies and are interested in this sort of thing but don't really have the time to read every single site on a daily basis. I have been known to say that it was the most fun, least gainful employment I've ever had, and in a perfect world I would make a living doing this.

What's that? Oh, I'm sorry, that's my wallet laughing at me in the background. My wallet does not like the Digest very much.

It doesn't like Short Attention Span Theater very much either, as it can't figure out why I need a blog in addition to the site. "But Wallet," I say, "SAST is to the Digest as Headline News is to CNN."

The wallet squints back at me and says, "Did you just compare yourself to a TV channel that makes actual money?"

The wallet and I are not really on speaking terms at present.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lucky Dog smells like a tar pit after his three lime baths (even after a shampoo!). I refuse to stop petting him though, even if the lime smell keeps rubbing off on me, too, because that dog got me through some hard times, yo.

Vladimir got much worse yesterday, but now he seems to be somewhat better. Still very worried about him. Also, he "no longer trusts Peter Jackson" after the Saruman kerfluffle of Monday and sounds heartbroken. I maintain that everything will work out all right.

It looks like Best Friend of Sister Girl may be pregnant... how do I say this tactfully, and in a way that doesn't buy into the sexism of "slut"? Because I wouldn't say that she is one. She's... very open and impulsive with her sexuality. Let's try putting it that way. And... it was an isolated incident, this rendezvous that resulted in two positive EPTs, so... yeah. Sister Girl spent all yesterday comforting her and so didn't get her home-schoolwork done, and Mrs. Owens was not happy this morning, and... sometimes I totally feel like Jane Austen tucked quietly in the corner of the sitting room, you know? I'm not writing about my own dramas, just observing other people's. (Isn't that an Irish curse, though? "May you have an interesting life"? Maybe I'm lucky.)

My own schoolwork: I did a quick Yahoo search (see? I haven't even gone to Google, the big guns, yet) on Philip Larkin, and mercifully there are people who, unlike me, had actually heard of him before. I might just survive this presentation after all. Oh, and I did remember to register, and so now I'm in fiction workshop, children's lit workshop, and American Lit (1820-1870) seminar. Woohoo!
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