Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Good morning, Starshine

More brilliant sunshine today; feeling good, except weirdly queasy, not sure why. Fortunately, I have an eight-pack (they make them in eights now?) of Coke in little bottles, so that should help.

Got a good bit done yesterday--outlined that new story idea I had in mind, and a possible book series arc for it. (This is how these things work with me--I suddenly come up with an idea, go to town with it, and then set it aside for later, occasionally picking it back up now and then. That's life on the Story Farm.) I'm going to have to do a good bit of anecdotal research into the paranormal (yay! reading books!), but I can't really tell you what or that'd give away the story.

Think I'm getting very close with the Harry Potter e-book thing--we're mostly down to the most tedious aspects: proofreading, checking links, filling in last-minute holes, and syncing up footnote cross-referencing. (That is to say, if I say "See note #89," note #89 better actually be the one I'm talking about. You have a new thought and add a new footnote, and you've fucked up every single instance of "See note ##" for the whole document. So I'm also going through and making it less specific if I can--"See the note about blah blah blah on the blibbity blee scene"--if I think you can find it without a number.) It's still a significant amount of work, but each round of revision is shorter and more technical. You can see the end coming.

(And then once we're done, it'll be time to start the vampire set! OH GOD.)

Also: It looks like I'm scheduled to do another episode of Made of Fail, huzzah!

Also-also: What the hell, y'all. What the hell. As Unlucky Bear put it, the werewolf fanservice poster looks like a boy band called All Fur One, and I don't even KNOW what's going on in the main one. I didn't even notice The Demon Jasper up top at first. BAD PHOTOSHOP. BAD. NO BISCUIT.

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