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Photo safari from... the mall

Yesterday afternoon, Mom decided that she needed a new pair of black heels for work, so I decided that leaving the house was relevant to my interests and went with her. Here's what I posted to Twitter as we went: - Where I am right now
Shoe porn. Note the supercute plum-colored shoes in the middle. - Boots
They remind me a little of Violet's boots in the Lemony Snicket movie, with the cutouts and all. - Right half of top floor of my favorite bookstore
I couldn't even get the left half of the store into the frame. It has an ESCALATOR, y'all. That's just the floor with the kids' books and the magazines. The lower floor is the one with the adult books.

I also passed Sparklepires 'R' Us shortly thereafter, but I was on the other side of the corridor with a kiosk between me and the store, and I already felt too much like a tourist, what with the picture-taking, as it was. And you know, I knew that the merchandise would be 82% Twilight-related, but I didn't expect to be able to see it FROM TWENTY FEET AWAY. There were three-foot dueling Edward and Jacob portraits up IN THE ENTRANCE. It was kind of amazing, actually. - Mom's favorite store for purses
My mother has a serious weakness for purses. Really big ones, too. So we went and browsed, as she could not resist the Rabbit's Tale's siren song. - I stayed over at this wall
I am not so much with the purses, but I am very much into the huge funky earrings. - Bracelets
You can't see too well, but there are bangles with rhinestone tiaras on them. I... I kind of wanted one. - WTF, y'all
This is a genuine photo I took with my iThing in the women's department (you can see the shoe department in the background). Yes, I actually WENT BACK to get this picture, it was so amazing. Apparently The Artist Formerly Known as the Dread Pirate Lestat shops at Belk's now.

Still working, by the way. I'm at the really tedious "clicking links to make sure I didn't put the wrong ones in" and final proof-reading stage. I'm just anal enough that I have to do this myself. I'm also hearing that if I want to preserve all the formatting, I'm going to need to use some Adobe Acrobat program, so I'm looking into that. I spent most of the weekend in a foul black funk wanting to punch people in the head (everything that could go wrong did, basically), and it's only 9:30 and already today is 200% better. Also, I LEFT THE HOUSE yesterday (obviously), which did a lot of good. Also-also, I bought chocolate (Cadbury) and booze (Woodchuck Amber), either for future head-punching emergencies or to celebrate when I finish. Probably both.

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