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Wow. It is really kind of ridiculous how good I feel when it's sunny and how bad I feel when it's not. I joke about being solar-powered, but I'm starting to wonder.

Anyway, the entire rest of the week was nothing but nasty grim weather (although it was nice to listen to the rain at night). I'm still proofing the e-book somewhat obsessively (but then, I do this for recaps and Secret Lifes and 15Ms as well), and I'm doing a final read-through--is that really necessary, you ask? Because I asked myself the same thing. And in re-reading the notes for "Prisoner of Azkaban," I found one (1) typo, one (1) bad link, and one (1) incorrect footnote cross-reference (yes, even considering that I've figured out how to F9 and sync them all automatically). So of the three things I was looking for, I found exactly one each--which is enough to prove that I have to keep going.

But it got to the point where I wrote the introduction yesterday, worked on a few non-e-book things, and then just... packed it up for the day. (Well, the chimney guy showed up, so I had to pack up anyway. Turns out our "chase pan" is badly rusted--he took pictures on his phone and showed me--so there's yet another repair bill to add to the pile. Not sure how much it'll be yet--he has to work up an estimate and get back to us.) I made myself some soup and a sandwich and camped out to watch an old Katharine Hepburn movie--Undercurrent, which was pretty good, except that the end kind of fell apart. The moment she's up on a beautiful woodsy secluded cliff with Robert Mitchum and they're talking about how the water below is calm but sometimes you just can't tell that there's a dangerous UNDERCURRENT, I kept thinking, surely this is where the climax of the movie is going to be. Evil Husband Robert Taylor will totally try to throw Hepburn off the cliff but in the struggle he'll slip and plunge to his death (see, accidental comeuppance absolves your hero/heroine of any responsibility for the villain's death, which is why you see it so often), and Mitchum will run up and probably clasp her in his arms and they will look down at the tiny splash Taylor made and say something Deep and Significant about the secret UNDERCURRENT of his madness.

Yeah. Mitchum wasn't anywhere near the Thrilling Climax of the movie. Evil Possessive Inventor-Murdering Robert Taylor went all cray-cray and tried to shove Hepburn off an entirely different cliff on the other side of the country USING HIS HORSE and when that didn't work he pretended to get thrown by his (wild, crazy, untameable) horse so she would get down from her own and get close enough for him to grab her and then after a "thrilling" chase on horseback a rogue branch decides to get in on the action and clothesline her and so she's flat on the ground and Robert Taylor is going to bash her head in with a sizable rock and THEN! The Wild Crazy Untameable Horse comes over and tromps him to death in the head while Hepburn cowers and screams. And then Hepburn and Mitchum play the piano together. What?

I will say, I did appreciate that Robert Taylor was actually a bit sympathetic in his crazy, but also that when he went into a towering rage of possessiveness and started shrieking, "YOU WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE ME, ANN, NEVARRRRR!!!," Katharine Hepburn's reaction in the next scene is to start packing like hell. HA. Although there is a part where he shows up at the gates of their estate and stops her from leaving, and I was like, you know Katharine Hepburn is a good actress when she can make me believe that she's a meek and nervous enough ingenue to go back to the house with him. Actual Katharine Hepburn would have just run him over with the car, I'm pretty sure.

So there was that. That was pretty entertaining. And I didn't do a lick of work the rest of the day, and both my eyes and my intestinal fortitude feel a lot better for it today. Yay.

ETA: And there's an incorrect link on "Goblet of Fire." Sarcastic yay.

ETA: And there's a cross-reference that's just wildly incorrect. Outstanding.

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