Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

I'm kind of limp and draggy today which is absolutely fine because I plan to do NOT A DAMN THING TODAY. I finished my final proof yesterday (I still have to check a DVD for a few things, blah blah finishing touches blee but ALL THE LINKS HAVE BEEN CLICKED and ALL THE CROSS-REFERENCES HAVE BEEN CHECKED, hallelujah), and I pretty much plan on having pancakes for lunch and watching Hitchcock movies all afternoon. If I am very lucky, there might even be bacon.

Also, I think my mother feels kind of guilty about the Cleo Saves Her Family initiative, because she saw a guy selling jewelry at the [university center] yesterday and picked up a couple of moonstones for me. The key is from the 1890s; I don't know why the guy was selling keys, but he was, and Black Ribbon starts in 1889, so that's why she got it for me. Aw.

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Tags: black ribbon, hitchcock, jewelry, writing, yay!

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