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Still alive over here

Still hanging in there. Actually, I've been quiet because I haven't been able to get to the computer in two days. Yesterday I got my hair did for the first time in something like nine months (!), and... it's shorter than I expected. Really much shorter. So I'm adjusting to that. I mean, I had horrendous split ends, so what're you gonna do? Then today I was out at the mall getting a birthday card for my stepfather and helping my mother pick out something for him--

@cleolinda Being stalked by Edward Cullen in favorite bookstore. Four displays, damn.

@cleolinda Got stalked back on the way out with my buffalo chicken sandwich. Back off, Sparkles, you don't eat people food.

@Eviey @cleolinda All I can picture is a Sparkles display escaping the store to watch you sleep at night.

@cleolinda @Eviey And in the 5 sec before the grim truth hits me, I'm going to wonder why there's a stand of magazines and candy by my bed.

--and ended up getting a sandwich from Charley's that pretty much knocked me out for most of the afternoon. I'm still yawning, honestly. (Have you heard my theory that just READING the word "yawn" makes people yawn? You're welcome.)

Also, broke a nail while gesticulating wildly (my hand hit a nearby cabinet; the nail broke off down to the quick). Only me, people.

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