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jadis - pimpin' ain't easy
O hai there is still an e-book. And will be, until the end of time or Lulu, whichever comes first. Sample screencaps and how to PayPal instead if necessary are here.

Completely sluggish and irritable, which sounds like a classic case of PMS to me. A number of things I need to get done, like a new doll entry and, oh, THE NEXT E-BOOK, but would rather curl up in the recliner and sulk. Fnarr.

New Jane Eyre adaptation (DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME).

Essential plot twists for writers.

So it looks like it's exactly one month until Sparklemas. Sarcastic yay. I am adamantly refusing to watch any clips, because I actually get bored at movies if I've seen too much of it beforehand. Still not sure who all I'm going with; I get informed a lot by various people that I WILL be going to see the movie with them, but who knows how that'll actually shake out.

Meanwhile, I hear that the Official Drinkable Merchandise I promised to try For Science has arrived, and will reach the house whenever my mother brings it home from the post office. God help me.

("Hello, my name is Twilight and I am a Dracula.")

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Is there a link (to PayPal instructions etc) missing at the top?

Hahaha, love the plot twists!

Yeah, I just noticed that myself and put it in.

ANOTHER Jane Eyre? Seriously? Is that really necessary?

Seriously I was just coming to post this exact same comment. I mean I adore period adaptations AND I LOVE JE with great love AND I will probably see this one too, but REALLY. There were other books written in the 19th century besides Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice! I promise! There were!

Fingers crossed that the Drinkable Merchandise treats you better than those Candied Hearts.

Also, thanks for the plot twist link. I wish that came as a poster because I would hang that over my computer.

I also haven't seen the trailers, but I will cop to flipping through the MTV still album for New Moon. Looks like they have VERY FAITHFULLY adapted certain scenes from the book. There's even a still of what looks like Bella at the movies with Jacob and Mike, their hands sitting on the arm rests waiting for her to OMG hold someone's hand!

From what Chris Weitz said (in this wonderful stone-faced deadpan) at SDCC, he seems to understand what he was hired for, which is to deliver a movie that is 1) scrupulously faithful and 2) packed with fanservice to the hardcore fans. I can't WAIT to see hear his interviews on the publicity tour.

Dracula. *snort* That is awesome. Must print that out and hang by desk.

Actually, "My name is Twilight and I am a Dracula" originates from some guy's t-shirt, but I love it as a meme.

Is the Drinkable the TruBlood drink?

Nope. It is, rather, officially licensed Twilight merch samples donated to me by a bookstore employee.

I watched the Death Cab for Cutie video for New Moon and it pretty much lays out the entire plot except for the fursplosions. It made me kind of ragey because it showed Bella's repeated attempts to off herself so she can get a glimpse of Edward and holy shit, does no one have a problem with encouraging suicide in young girls? I've only read the first and last books in the series so this is the first time I really got the sense of how fucked up New Moon is. I'll be skipping this movie (but nothing will keep me from seeing Breaking Dawn because I have to see how they handle the vampire Caesarian).

Yeah, because... yeah. I feel like I need to treat the teenage girls of America to a viewing of Heathers. Teenage Suicide, kids. Don't Do It.

oh man, the Jane Eyre adaptation better be good. the article says they've dropped Ellen Page, which is fine with me (I like her, but come onnnn Hollywood she's not British). hopefully it turns out OK...

Yeah, I wasn't too excited about the Ellen Page thing.

(Deleted comment)
Re: that movie

When my best friend found out when it was coming it out, she threatened to take me to the midnight premier. On my birthday. I gave her the evil eye and that was the end of it.

Re: Plot Twists

I think I've read at least three of those books.

Re: Drinkable Merchandise

OoOo... Let us know how it is! If I had monies I'd get some myself.

Edited at 2009-10-21 04:41 pm (UTC)

I would like to be able to see the movie early, in order to have time to write (I'll also be doing another Made of Fail podcast that weekend), but the only other people going that early will be crazy. I'll either be unable to hear the movie itself, or get trampled to death. Or someone will SEE me, even worse.

Lurve the essential plot twists. Hehe.

Ok, I looked through some of the New Moon pics (I can barely muster up the energy to be embarrassed about this anymore), and there was a picture that is practically screaming "JAMES DEANSSSSSSSSSSSS".

Also, please do not die For Science. I worry that this shit has toxic sparkles in it or something.

I worry that this shit has toxic sparkles in it or something

To go with the oh-so-deadly SKIN OF A KILLAAAAH?

I'm loving the e-book! I love getting your thoughts on HP and related (which is why I read your LJ in the first place) and getting all the extra trivia.

Bought e=book last night.

am home sick with Cold Of Death or something... so reading that and watching Napoleon Dynamite.

it'd be a fun afternoon if I didn't feel like death.

erm... that was supposed to be a compliment, I blame the cold meds

I've been told I'm being taken to New Moon over Thanksgiving break. Here's hoping I don't get kicked out of the theatre again.

And now when I hear about Twilight and drinkable stuff, I shall be thinking of chocolate cereal milk.

If the Twifandom were cooler, this would be the photo that launched a thousand fics. "Edward left you? Poor thing. I psychically sense that I'll be spending a lot of time consoling you, IYKWIMAITYD."

(Deleted comment)

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